Acne & Skin Care

Acne is the skin sickness in which hair follicles are working with oil and lifeless skin which is seen on some body parts like shoulders, face, chest and neck. This sickness is caused generally in the teenager during the puberty time. It acts on the skin in such side effects like whiteheads, burning, pimples, blackheads and pustules. This skin sickness may be occurring due to dirt, tension, cosmetics, genetics and oily food. When the dirt or oil particles entered into the pores of the skin then acne is produced. Acne is commonly affectedto the youngsters and females before two to seven days of the menstrual cycle. It may produce in pregnant females also.


We have many medications which are very beneficial for you to protect your skin from the pimples, oil, dirt, blackheads and acne. These medications remove dirt or oil from your skin and protect the skin from acne. With regular use of these products, your skin becomes shined, beautiful and you feel younger and fresher. The names of products are Claritin 10 mg, Permethrine Cream, Cutivate cream 0.5%, Himalaya Amalaki – Herbal and Vebra Tabs. These medications are very effective in the treatment of acne and skin care. These medications are very cheap in cost.

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