Allergy & Sinus

Allergy and sinus:

When our body comes in contact with a foreign substances such as dust, food, pollen etc our immune system gives some defensive response, this condition is called allergy. Its symptoms are itching, hives, rashes, swelling of skin, red eye, runny nose, etc. Allergic reaction causes hypersensitivity due to the presence of antibody immunoglobulin E.

Sinus is the cavity within the bones of the skull and face that are connected to the nasal cavity. Infections of the sinus are caused by the virus, bacteria or fungus. These micro-organisms grow within sinus causing its blockage and lead to sinusitis.

Allergy and Sinus is related to each other as the allergy lead to the swellings in the mucous membrane and this inflammation cause sinusitis by the blocking sinuses.

Drugs that are used in the allergy and sinus:

These drugs are available in various dosage forms like tablet, cream, nasal spray and as an inhaler. Medications that are used in the allergy and sinus infections are-

  • Veramyst (Generic),
  • Singulair (Generic),
  • Peritol,
  • Nasonex,
  • Medrol,
  • Flonase,
  • Allegra 30 mg,
  • Eurax Cream Generic and many more.

 How does allergy and sinus medication work? 

Allergy and sinus drugs possess anti-inflammatory property. These drugs inhibit the chemicals that are involved in allergic and inflammatory reactions. These formulations directly enter the linings of the nose and drugs get absorbed to remove the symptoms of the allergies and the sinusitis.

 Drugs available at our pharmacy store:

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Allerga 30mg, Astelin nasal spray, Flonase, Eurax cream, Peritol, Medrol, Zyrtec, Veramyst, Claritin, etc.


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