Aloevera Protective Cream

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Aloevera Protective Cream

Generic: Aloevera Protective Cream


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Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera) is made of all natural (herbal) aleo vera and neem extracts. The topical Bio Vera cream is used to protect skin from harmful sun rays and UV radiations. This mix of herbal remedies also protects your skin from pollution and mites as well. This sun protection lotion also provides glow to your skin. As this cream contains all natural herbs, it’s completely a safe treatment to avoid harmful rays of sun and gain ever glowing and healthy shiny skin. You can use it for long term as it does not contain rigorous chemical compounds. This natural remedy is perfect to guard you from sunburn, tanning and photo-ageing. 

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What is Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera)?

Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera) is a sun protection lotion that comes with SPF 75. It is manufactured with all natural herbs that are known for their medicinal properties such as aloe vera plant gel, neem leaves, and sunflower oil. All these natural ingredients work collectively to protect skin from harmful UV radiations. Additionally, it also helps to revitalize your skin from dust and pollution. It keeps your skin look younger, tighter and smoother with natural radiant. This lotion can be applied on face and on other body parts. The lotion can be used easily and it gets absorb in the slink swiftly without leaving any sticky layer over the skin. 

Why Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera) is used?

The natural ingredients of the lotion guards your skin from sunburn, tanning and harmful UV rays and keeps your skin look healthier and younger. 

What are the contents of Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera)?

Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera) is a mix of effective natural products including Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera), GelMelia Azadirachta (Neem), ExtCyperus Scariosus (Nagarmotha), ExtHelianthus Annus (Sunflower)Oil, Alpinia Galanga (Thai galangal), ExtLotion Base QS. 

How does it help in protecting your skin from harmful effect of Sun?

The key ingredient of Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera) - Aloe vera gel acts to protect skin from harmful rays of Sun. It blocks both UVA and UVB radiations from getting into your skin. Bradykinase, the enzyme present in Aloe vera inhibit sunburn.

Who should not use Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera)?

It is recommended that patient should start treatment with Bio Vera after consulting a dermatologist. It becomes more important if you are going to use this lotion in children. Further, Bio Vera should not be used on injured or damaged skin as it can cause health problems.

What are the precautions associated with Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera)?

Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera) is a beauty product but you should keep following points in mind while using it for getting most benefits:

  • This lotion is for external use only, so avoid getting it in your eyes, on eyelids, inside your nostrils or mouth.
  • It is good to use Bio vera lotion before half an hour to two hours before going outdoors.
  • If you had suffered any kind of allergic reaction to any beauty product in the past, talk to your dermatologist before stating Bio Vera.
  • If you developed any kind of irritation or redness on the skin after using it, stop using it immediately and talk to your dermatologist. It may be a sign of allergic response.

What are the expected side-effects?

Side effects are not common with Bio vera. In very rare cases heavy perspiration, mild acne, skin irritation, inflamatory response, redness, itching and burning sensation like symptoms reported with it.

Are there any kinds of drug interaction related to Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera)?

No, there are no drug interactions related to Bio Vera as it is used topical. However, if you are using multiple skin products at a same time, you may get some troubles. 

What if I missed to use it before going out?

For getting optimum benefits, it is required that you should use it regularly before going out. If you miss to apply it, use it whenever you remember it. 

What may happen if someone overuses Aloevera Protective Cream (Bio vera)?

There are no significant side-effects that may occur in case of overuse but you may get red marks on your skin and irritation like symptoms. To get over it, just wash your skin gently with water.  

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