Convulsion is a disorder in which sudden, rigorous, violent and involuntary shaking of the body takes place. This uncontrolled movement is mainly due to underlying causes such as neurological disorders such as epilepsy, poisoning, shock, presence of certain toxins or other agents in the blood, or high-fever in children.  These drugs block the flow of signal from CNS.

Treatment of anticonvulsants:

The aim of the anticonvulsant is to lapse the repetitive and excessive firing of neurons that leads to convulsion. Anticonvulsants prevent brain damage and protect it from the damage result of convulsions.

1. GABA receptor agonist:

Benzodiazepine and Barbiturate:  Benzodiazepines like Lorazepam, Diazepam, Clonazepam and Clobazam and Barbiturates like Phenobarbital and Primidone fall under this category. They bind to GABA-A receptor and potentiate GABA inhibitory action. Benzodiazepines are first line treatment for emergency convulsion.

2. Sodium Channel blockers:

These drugs obstruct the activity of sodium channels and thereby put a stop to rapid and repetitive transmission of signals.

Phenytoin: Movement of ions in both sodium and calcium channels are inhibited. Thus it prevents the spread of convulsion and limits worsening of convulsion.   

Carbamazepine: It is used for treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. It is considered as a first-line treatment for the management of partial seizures.     

Lamotrigine: This drug causes blockage of the voltage dependent sodium channel and prevent the seizures.

3. GABA Reuptake Inhibitors:

They promote reuptake of GABA at synaptic spaces and Tiagabine is the most preferred medication of this class.

4. GABA Transaminase Inhibitors:

This class of medicines inhibits GABA-metabolizing transaminase enzyme GABA-T. Inhibition of this enzyme leads to an increase in the concentration of GABA. Vigabatrin belongs to this class of medicine.

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  • Haldol-Haloperidol-Haloperidol


    Haldol or haloperidol is an effective medicine that is frequently approved and used for the treatment of psychotic disorders like schizophrenia.
  • Lamictal-Lametec-Lamotrigine


    Lamotrigine is used only or with supplementary medicine to put off and manage seizures.
  • Sibelium-Migarid-Flunarizine


    Buy Sibelium or Generic Flunarizine Online

    Sibelium or Flunarizine is a medication which comes under the class of non-selective calcium channel blocker. It also exhibits other activity like it blocks histamine H1 receptor. This drug is first discovered in 1968, at Japan. This medication is best used as a prophylaxis of migraine.Apart from migraine, it is also effective in the treatment of, vertigo and occlusive peripheral vascular disease. It can also be used as an adjuvant therapy of convulsion. Sibelium or Flunarizine can significantly decrease the attack the frequency and the intensity of headache. It can be used in both adults and children. This medication is available in the form of tablet, at the strength of 5mg and 10mg. This medication is very popular because it is very easily available and cost effective.


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