Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women and is the leading cause of deaths from cancers accounting 1.3 million deaths annually. The growing demand of cigarette smoking is increasing at a very alarming rate. As per the data shown by CDC, every year there is a growth of somewhere around 25% male cigarette smokers and 22% increase in female smoker. Only smoking adds 443000 deaths in US only.  An estimated 160,340 Americans were expected to die from lung cancer in 2014, accounting for approximately 28 percent of all cancer deaths. Adding to it, in most of the cases this menacing disease remains undiagnosed or late diagnosed. That’s why five-year survival rate (16.3%) from this cancer is lower than many other leading cancer sites, such as the colon (65.2%), breast (90.0%) and prostate (99.9%). 

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