Antipsychotics are the drugs which are used as a therapy in the healing of mental health sickness such as mania which is caused through the manic depressive syndrome. In the healing of depression and anxiety these drugs are also used. Another name of these medications is tranquillisers. These medications exert their action by changing the action of compounds which are present in the brain such as acetylcholine, dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin. These compounds are responsible for altering the action, feeling and mood. Some side effects of psychotics are a figment of the imagination, misunderstanding, and mood fluctuates. These drugs are used to manage these symptoms of the psychotic.

Antipsychotic medications are present in various dosage forms such as tablets, capsules (solids) and injection (liquids). These drugs are used to manage the disorders like anxiety, agitation and anxiety and to control the anger and bad behaviour which is occurring due to schizophrenia.We have wide range of antipsychotic drugs like Abilify, Solian 50 mg, Risperdal, Haldol, Paliperidone, Escalith generic lithium, Geodon 20 mg, Zyprexa 10 mg, Zyprexa 5 mg, Zyprexa 2.5 mg, and Zyprexa. These medicines are very low in cost.

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  • Haldol-Haloperidol-Haloperidol


    Haldol or haloperidol is an effective medicine that is frequently approved and used for the treatment of psychotic disorders like schizophrenia.
  •  Escalith Generic Lithium

    Escalith Generic Lithium

    Lithium carbonate is a very useful medication that is used for treatment of manic-depressive disorder (bipolar disorder).
  • Paliperidone


    Paliperidone is used for the treatment of certain mental and mood disorders like schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.
  • Risperdal


    Risperdal or Risperidone Risperidone is an effective and very useful medicine to treat some different kinds of psychological and temperament disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, bad temper related with autistic disorder
  • Sibelium-Migarid-Flunarizine


    Buy Sibelium or Generic Flunarizine Online

    Sibelium or Flunarizine is a medication which comes under the class of non-selective calcium channel blocker. It also exhibits other activity like it blocks histamine H1 receptor. This drug is first discovered in 1968, at Japan. This medication is best used as a prophylaxis of migraine.Apart from migraine, it is also effective in the treatment of, vertigo and occlusive peripheral vascular disease. It can also be used as an adjuvant therapy of convulsion. Sibelium or Flunarizine can significantly decrease the attack the frequency and the intensity of headache. It can be used in both adults and children. This medication is available in the form of tablet, at the strength of 5mg and 10mg. This medication is very popular because it is very easily available and cost effective.

  • Depakote-Dicorate-Divalproex Sodium

    Depakote-Dicorate-Divalproex Sodium

    Divalproex Sodium is used only or with additional medicine for the treatment of definite types of seizures.

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