Contraceptive pills generally referred as ‘the pill’ is now the part of every woman’s life. It has made free the woman to enjoy their life and give the freedom to make decision when she wants baby. Contraceptive made the woman free from the panic of unwanted pregnancy. Now with the medical technology various contraceptives are available in the market. So it is quite crucial to choose the best contraceptive method.

Dianette: trustworthy pill

Dianette is the prevailing, reliable and protected method to prevent the unplanned pregnancy. It is effective contraceptive method. You can order Cyproterone Online for ongoing peace of mind. This pill minimizes the risk of pregnancy and allows the women to enjoy their life.

Dianette is the combination pill of Cyproterone and ethinylestradiol. Cyproterone is the anti androgen while ethinylestradiol is the derivative of the female hormone estrogen. Androgens are mainly male sex hormone but are also secreted in females in minute quantity. It is essential for causing the stimulation of the glands that are present in our skin. These glands are responsible to produce the oil and sebum and can also the unwanted growth of the hairs. Too much androgen can be very crucial in the female body as it will lead to excessive production of the oil that can block the skin pores and make it infected and further as outcome acne can be seen along with unwanted growth of hairs. So Cyproterone being the part of the dianette is also responsible to treat the problem of acne and bad skin conditions. It will also manage the problem of hirsutism that is unwanted growth of hairs.

Buy Cyproterone drugs online as it a trustworthy product to prevent the pregnancy. This pill causes the fluid of the cervical region to get thicken and create the difficulty for the sperm to enter so that it cannot get fuse to the eggs to cause the fertilization.

Dosing of the dianette:

  • The dosing of the dianette is started on the very first day of your menses. You have to take one pill daily continuously for 21 days. For the next seven days you have to give a gap to the dosing. These 7 days are pill free days.
  • It is suggested that you must take the tablets daily. Also it is quite important to take the drug at same time in each day.
  • In case you forget to take to take the dose then have the drug as you get recalled about it and have the next dose on the usual time.
  • But in case, you missed that dose and now it is more than 24 hours then take the pill as soon as possible.
  • In case you missed two or more doses then you are on the threat to get pregnant. Take the tablet as you get remembered. In addition it is compulsory to use another method of contraception, such as a condom or if possible do not have the sex. Also if it is the time for pill free days then skip these gaps and continue using the new pack right from the next day. You will not have your menses until these two months.

It is suggested to take the certain safety measures to avail maximum result from your medication-

  • In case you feel sickness or cramping in the stomach then take the light diet.
  • In case you feel headache and then it is suggested to take the pain killer.
  • If your breast is getting tender or you are putting weight or if there are changes in your mood then consult with your doctor.

You can plan your parenthood with Dianette so buy Cyproterone Online and you can avail heavy discount.