When you are looking to terminate your pregnancy, it is a very complex decision whether you are in your teenage days or you are a grown up adult. Abortion has been legalized in The United States from the year 1973 and it’s a burning trend to get aborted because of some or other reasons. There could be many reasons why any female would go for abortion.

  1. In case of pregnancy, which was never planned or when the pregnancy was harmful to the mother’s health a women generally goes for termination.
  2. There are cases when the pregnancy is terminated as it occurred as a result of rape or the foetusis having some birth defect.

Options of getting terminated

For a woman who has an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy there are only two options. Either she could go for Medical abortion or she could go for surgical abortion. The medical abortion involves taking in of prescribed medication called Mifepristone. The pill is used to end a pregnancy and it works by blocking progesterone which is responsible to build up the lining of the uterus during the pregnancy. If there is no progesterone there is no chance of holding on to the pregnancy. As these lining breaks down   bleeding is observed. The pill could be used in first 49 days of the pregnancy or 9 weeks i.e 63 day.

Some known facts about abortion pills.

There are two pills which are involved in the abortion. The first pill is called as Mifepristone is taken at the doctor’s clinic and the second pill is taken at the home. During the treatment you would need someone to stay with you. The second pill is called misoprostol and it is believed to cause immense bleeding and cramps which lasts for few hours. The bleeding could be light or heavy with or without clots.  There is a bit of dizziness feeling, nauseous and you can have loose stools.


Safety aspects of medical abortion

There are many safety aspects  which needs to be seen like if the pills fails to do its job which again very rare you have to be mentally prepared to go for surgical abortion.  Allergic reaction like heavy bleeding or infection could occur but it is again very rare in nature.  In rarest of cases an incomplete abortion or an ectopic pregnancy could be detected.           

You should not take the pregnancy pills when

  1.  When you are pregnant for more than nine weeks.
  2.  When you have no plans to go for the second pill.
  3. If you do not have a phone and you ride to and fro from the clinic.
  4. In case of blood clotting disorder avoid using the medication.
  5.  In case you have an intrauterine device which is in place.

What is a surgical abortion?

In case of surgical abortion the pregnancy could be terminated even when the pregnancy has reached its sixteenth week. A doctor or an experienced nurse actually takes charge for the procedure in the hospital or a private clinic.

What actually happens in case of surgical abortion?

In case of surgical abortion relaxation and pain medication is generally given. Next the cervix s numbed. A thin tube is generally inserted into the vagina through the cervix into the uterus. The tube is attached to the special vacuum and then the suction is turned on and the pregnancy is removed.

 Some precautionary measures

There are some women who should not take Mifepristone especially those

  • If you are thirty five year plus and smoke more than ten cigarettes.
  • In case of adrenal failure or high blood pressure
  • If you are taking long term steroid or blood thinning medication.
  • If you had an allergic reaction to the mifepristone.

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