Generally, you can use this medication to manage irregularities of male sexual system such as male impotence due to erectile dysfunction. The recommended dose of the drug will depend on the condition and symptoms of patient. However, most of the time single dose of minimum strength is advised to patients to be taken before sexual activity. Taking more than recommended dosages is not advisable and it is not affected by food. So, you can take it with or without meals. 


Though, the facility to order Sildigra 100mg online to get home delivery of your medication is easily accessible but you should consider taking it after medical consultation. For using Sildigra as a meaningful and safe treatment, you should follow the below guideline. This medication is not to be used by anyone who has following medical conditions: 

• allergies to any of the drug ingredients,
• have cardiovascular disease,
• have history of severe stroke or heart attack,
• have any bleeding disorder or ulcer,
• have an inherited retinitis pigmentosa like disorders, or
• diagnosed with any type of deformation of sexual organs or have been reported with cavernous fibrosis (Peyronie's disease). 

Some drugs can also interact with Sildigra and cause unwanted adverse effects on your health such as nitrates, 

• itraconazole (Sporanox),
• ketoconazole (Nizoral),
• ritonavir (Norvir),
• indinavir (Crixivan),
• ritonavir, and
• indinavir 

Generic Sildigra 100mg online would be your option only when you are in good health condition keeping the precautions as listed above in consideration. However, you should be aware with the fact that the possible interactions and precautions associated with safe treatment with Sildigra are not limited to this list. If you have history of any severe health condition, then it becomes necessary for you to start any new medication after discussing it with your doctor. Also, you need medical consultation if you are already taking any medication before starting this drug to avoid the possibility of side effects on your health.

You can get control over your sexual life again with these magical pills if you use it in proper manner. Yes, it can drive you to new extremes of your sexual fantasies. It can be the key turn for giving new excitements in your relationship! Take it and enjoy!