Precautions are the guidelines of using any drug safely and it helps patients to get most benefits out of any medicinal treatment. Some of the drugs (such as nitrates containing products) that may result in harming your health if they are used with any erectile dysfunction medicines. Some medical conditions including heart related problems and blood disorders may get worsen with this category of medicines. So the option to buy Suhagra 50 mg (erectile dysfunction medicine) should be used with caution only if your doctor find it safe and appropriate for you.


Like you are suggested preceding other medicinal treatments to discuss all your current medicines and recently dropped treatments with your prescriber, you should follow the advice prior taking erectile dysfunction products. You should tell your doctor about all your medical history including any severe injury or serious disease that you have suffered in the past, all your prescription and non-prescription drugs as well as herbal products. This will help in deciding the safety of the drug along with other factors such as appropriate doses for you. This consultation prior to treatment will also help to ensure that the combination of other current medicines with this new is safe or not.

You should also notice that Suhagra 50mg is reported with some side effects in various cases. Some people have reported with skin reaction, swelling on your face, tongue, or throat and difficulty in breathing like reactions. You have to be watchful and attentive for any unusual signs that start to be visible after taking this drug. Anything that is not usual is required to be addressed. Consult your doctor for further guidance. You should use any of these drugs only under expert medical advice as it may cause serious health problems.