Tuberculosis is the most common infection that causes mortality worldwide. It is caused by the infection of the organism Mycobacterium tuberculosis. There are various types of TB, but the most common are active and latent type TB. Active TB is that in which body shows frequently symptoms and can be transmitted to others easily. Latent is a form of TB in which patient is infected with M. tuberculosis bacteria but it does not show any symptoms. Even it is non-communicable at this stage. The signs and symptoms associated with TB are persistent cough, loss of weight, fever, feeling of sweating in night, pain in chest, frequently get tired, etc. Purchase pyrazinamide online to treat the TB and to get the medicine at a very attractive price.

Pyrazinamide: drug for first line treatment

Pyrazinamide is a man made pyrazine analogue of nicotinamine which have a potent action against M. tuberculosis. Pyrazinamide (PZA) is prescribes as the first-line remedy to take care of the tuberculosis that acts as an exceptional component in limiting the episode of tuberculosis chemotherapy. PZA experience hydroxylation and get transformed to pyrazinoic acid by pyrazinamidase enzyme. TB is curable with a complete course of medicines which usually continues for six months in total. You will have need of taking several medicines to treat TB; Pyrazinamide is just one of the prescribed medicines. It is generally prescribed in the course of the first two months of your treatment. Pyrazinamide is typically available as a pill which is one of the drugs from the combination of three or four medicines to treat TB.

How it works?

Pyrazinamide medicine gets diffuse into M. tuberculosis and enzyme pyrazinamidase carry out the conversion of the pyrazinamide to its active form called pyrazinoic acid. Pyrazinoic acid in turn hampers another enzyme fatty acid synthase, which is compulsory for the synthesis of fatty acids by the bacterium. Thus as a result, pyrazinoic acid starts to accumulate in the microorganism body which destroys the membrane of the M. tuberculosis and as a result microorganisms die.

Doses of pyrazinamide:

  • In active TB form, it is prescribed to take the dose of 15 to 30 mg per kg through oral route. It is to be taken once in a day with other three anti-tubercular drugs for 6 or 9 months. 
  • In latent TB form, it is prescribed to take the dose of the 15 to 20 mg/kg through oral route for the two months once in a day daily.

How to take pyrazinamide tablets?

*    Before the initiation of the treatment have a complete knowledge of the medicine how to take it, what precautions should be taken, etc. 
*    Consult your doctor once which medicine is to be taken for the treatment of the tuberculosis. If you are recommended for the pyrazinamide tablets, it should be taken daily.
*    If you are under the DOT (Directly Observed Therapy) therapy. It is suggested you to take the pyrazinamide thrice in a week.
*    It is suggested you to take the pyrazinamide tablet on the same point of time on each day with other medications suggested to you.

Getting the most from your treatment:

*    Along with taking the medicines regularly for the treatment, it is equally important for the have medical test to ensure the medicines are working and you are improving and your liver and lungs are getting healthy.
*    Complete the course of the treatment so the infections would completely treated and do not re-occur. If it you are getting any serious side effects then consult your doctor and then stop the medication on his advice.
*    If you are having the typhoid vaccination then pyrazinamide may hamper its effects so consult with your doctor once.

Certain contradictions are there for the use of the pyrazinamide. It is not to be used by the patients with hepatic disease and acute gout. Liver function test should be done from time to time. Pyrazinamide should not be taken with allopurinol, acetest, ketostix, etc. The common side effects that can be experienced are feeling of vomiting, loss of hunger, mild to severe pain of joints, etc. Buy Pyrazinamide online which is an effective oral treatment available for the management of the tuberculosis.