Hyperprolactinemia is the hormonal disorder that is quite normal is during the duration of pregnancy and lactation and also increase in the excess stress. Generally the hyperprolactinemia is the disorder in which the level of prolactin hormone gets elevated that in very high amount. Prolactin is the natural chemical that is secreted in the body from the lactotroph cells of the anterior pituitary gland. The high amount of prolactin in women cause the galactorrhoea and other menstruation related disorders while in men it cause the secondary hypogonadism that further results in low libido and erectile dysfunction.

What is the treatment for hyperprolactinemia?

The various treatment methods of hyperprolactinemia-

  • Medication: Bromocriptine and Cabergoline are potent medication available to reduce production of the prolactin. Medicines work in a better manner for most patients with prolactinomas. Buy Dostinex .25mg to manage the galactorrhoea also.
  • Surgery to eradicate a tumor: The option of surgery is opted when the medicines do not respond.  Surgery is at once done when it starts to affect vision.
  • Radiation: on the odd occasion, in case when medicines and surgery both do not prove to be effective then radiation is used to remove the tumor.

Dostinex: Effective method to control hyperprolactinemia

Dostinex is the solution that can control all these problems. Generic Cabergoline is the main ingredient of the Dostinex. Generic Cabergoline falls in the class of medications that belongs to prolactin inhibitors.

How it acts? Generic Cabergoline is an ergot derivative that acts as a strong agonist of dopamine receptor. You can procure Dostinex .25mg online which is the first line medicine to be used in the management of the prolactinomas. Buy Dostinex .5mg that basically attach itself to the dopamine receptors and cause the inhibition of the pituitary lactotroph cells that stimulates the secretion of the prolactin hormone.

Grasp the other benefits from Dostinex:

  • For the handling of hyperprolactinemia disorders.
  • For the treatment of pituitary adenomas (tumors) & prolactinomas.
  • It helps to restore the testosterone levels and augment sex drive.
  • Other beneficial use is in treating the Parkinson’s disease.
  • It effectively manage the Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)
  • Ceases the excessive lactation.
  • It improves energy loss and fatigue
  • Also treats acromegaly.
  • It is also extensively

How to take the medication of the Dostinex?

  • While using the Dostinex for the prevention of the onset of normal lactation the approved dose is 1 mg. It is to be taken as a single dose on the very first day of delivery.
  • For managing the prolactin disorders: in adults, the initial dose of the Cabergoline is 0.5 mg in a week or you can also cut the doses into half and can use be twice in a week. The dose can be augmented by 0.5 mg per week until it does not reach the maximum dose of 2 mg. The quantity should not be engorged over and over again for more than every 4 weeks. The dosing of Cabergoline is decided on the basis of the quantity of prolactin in your blood. Once after the prolactin reaches the normal level in the blood the use of drug is discontinued.

While using the medication of Dostinex it is necessary to take the precautionary steps to avoid any unfavorable effects. These steps are-

  • In case you feel dizziness and sleepy after having the medication then do not drive the vehicle nor attempt to use any tools or machine.
  • In case you are suffering from any headache then after the use of medication then you can use the painkiller.
  • Have simple diet and the foods devoid of spice and oils to avoid the problem of indigestion and sickness.

You can purchase Dostinex .5mg Online or from the market to control the galactorrhoea, menstrual problems and Parkinson’s disease.