Abortion pill also popularly known as Medication abortion is a very safe and efficient method of concluding an early pregnancy. There are several brands that are there in the market for abortion pills, the pills we are talking about here are two FDA approved drugs called Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which also feature in the World Health Organization’s list of essential and safe drugs. These pills are immensely relied upon by women in all parts of the world for the therapeutic termination of their early pregnancies as these pills are safe, very economic, tool-free, easy to use and far less painful. The renowned brands of abortion pills are Misoprostol brands – Cytotec; Mifepristone brands - RU486, Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Korlym; Combination brands - MTP Kit. All the brands that have a single drug in them must be used only for a pregnancy which is not older than 7 weeks while a combination can be used for 9 weeks.

abortion pill for safe pregnancy termination at home

Mifepristone causes fetal cell death; it does so by blocking the progesterone hormone which is required for the development and growth of these cells. This hormone supplies oxygen and nutrients to the fetal tissues and the lack of these supplies leads to cell death. Mifepristone implements vigorous contraction in the uterine walls and thus force the fetal cells out in the form of a blood clot.

Mifepristone is taken on an empty stomach, orally with a glass of water. Misoprostol can be taken either through the oral route or it can be inserted vaginally depending on the convenience of the user though you must prefer taking it vaginally.

Mifepristone brands have three pills of 200mg each, all these pills are taken as mentioned above on the first day, then after two days, you are required to get an ultrasound. If the process of abortion is not confirmed then take 2 Misoprostol pills of 200 mcg each and after another two days, get the process validated.

Misoprostol brands have 12 pills of 200mcg each. They are first divided into three batches of four pills each. Every batch has to be taken as mentioned above after a gap of 5 hours. Two days later you must get the process confirmed.

MTP Kit has five pills, one Mifepristone pill (200mg) and four Misoprostol pills (200mcg each). The Mifepristone pill is taken on the first day, two days later you take the rest Misoprostol pills and after 12 days get the process validated. Now, you can buy cheap MTP Kit online with fast delivery.

The adverse effects of Abortion pills

Frequently occurring side effects are diarrhea, vaginal bleeding, nausea, fatigue, stomach cramp, back pain, headache, and vomiting.


  • IF you have any Intra-Uterine Device placed then you must take it off before using the pills. 
  • Abortion pills are not for termination of ectopic pregnancy, it may have severe consequences. 
  • Take nutritious food and stay away from lovemaking until you are completely recovered as there are chances of infection.

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