Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to get the desired erection which is necessary to have successful  intercourse . Most of men are not aware until it happens with them for more than a month or two. Even after  becoming aware about the  loss of erection they are shy enough to openly discuss the fact .The fact has come in light with proven statement of a survey. The reason why a large number of men do not seek treatment  for erectile loss is because of expensiveness of the treatment and  a feeling of embarrassment due to impotency.

 What are the reasons for erectile dysfunction?

There are many reasons  for sudden loss or an occasional inability to get and maintain a  a good and harder erection.  the reasons could be following

  1. Anxiety

  2. Stress

  3. tiredness

  4. too much alcohol.


 Different reasons and lifestyle  to check erectile dysfunctioning.

  1.  If you take too much of alcohol it is becoming a poison to your body as it causes depression and even depression in your erection. Drinking too much of alcohol also leads to obesity and high blood pressure.  So change this style of living so that you could get back the erection.

  2.  Smoking has become an accepted lifestyle which knowingly or unknowingly is affecting the erection problem.  The nicotine present in the cigarette is responsible for constriction of the blood vessel and  it even limits the flow of blood to the penis.   So put a control on the number of cigarette.

  3.  Some of the medication which is prescription drugs like congestants, heart medicines, blood pressure medicines and antidepressants should be disclosed to your doctor as they  could be responsible for your erectile dysfunctioning

  4.  If you are in a new relationship performance anxiety could be one thing which could be the cause of fear and  anxiety and ultimately affecting  the  libido factor.

  5.   Men who are stressed due to their day to day activities  gives birth to conditions like anxiety , worry and erection  and  makes the body to release adrenaline  which causes constricts your blood vessel and finally affect the erectile ability.

  6.  If you are overtired on a daily basis you are prone to have erectile issues . so give a bit of exercise  and get a good night sleep  and get back the desired erection

  7.  Life needs to be moving in a scheduled way and that is possible with a good job. So if you have lost your job you are inviting stress and fear which is ultimately leading to erectile dysfunctioning.

  8. When there is a infertile couple they have increased pressure to perform  and men then go for erectile dysfunctioning drug  to get their partners pregnant 

Consideration   when  taking Suhagra  

  1. Suhagra  should be taken at least 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse
  2. In case of men if he suffers  from any heart ailments it could worsen the illness of the heart.
  3. Stop taking alcohol if you are taking Suhagra drug. It may only worsen the side effects.

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