Treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction took a great hike when the first oral erectile dysfunction (ED) pill, Sildenafil, was introduced back in 20th century. But today other treatments are also available, ranging from vacuum pumps, implants and surgery.

Oral pills

Oral pills are very effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Generic sildenafil commonly present in the oral pills is FDA approved ensuring its safety. These pills are PDE-5 inhibitors and are considered safe. ED drugs are 70% effective in allowing the male organ to achieve firmness for satisfactory sexual intercourse. There are a few side effects but they are usually mild.


In this a drug is directly inserted into the base of the male organs with a minute needle. But, for men who prefer not to inject themselves or have a fear of needles, oral pills are the best available solution.



The suppository containing medication is inserted into the urethra to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. But, it is a very uncomfortable method and may not be suited to everyone.

Vacuum pumps

The process of pumping air out of the tube pulls blood into the erectile tissue. But, to maintain erection, you arerequired to slip a Constriction ringaround the base of the male organs to decrease the speed at which blood leaves the male organ.


Implants are of two types:-

  • Inflatable implants
  • Malleable implants 

Vascular surgery

It isseldom performed as it is done only when ED cannot be treated by other methods in few men. There are some men whose ED can be managedthrough vascular surgery, but that number is less than one percent.

ED can be improved by reducing intake of alcohol and avoiding smoking, eating a balanced diet which contains fewer amounts of fatty acids in it,practicing relaxation exercises likemeditation or yoga, psychotherapy, etc.But these changes in the daily life only back the treatment of ED, which can be done by using oral PDE5 inhibitors such as Sildigra. So, buy Sildigra100 mg onlineand get it delivered at your home.

Erectile dysfunction can occur due to a number of reasons which includes hormonal imbalances like a low level of testosterone, nervous system disorders, psychological disorders like depression and anxiety restricted blood flow in the required areas due to circulatory and vascular disorders, diabetes and certain medications.

Sildigra contains Sildenafil which fight erectile dysfunction by relaxing smooth muscle in the male organs, a process that enhances blood flow and enables an erection. This erection may last up to 4 hours.Buy Sildigra 100 online now.

Adverse effects that follow Sildigraare abdominal problems; pain in the chest or angina backache; vomiting, respiratory problems; faster heart rate; rashes on the skin; struggle in breathing;faintness; lethargy and mild headache.

Sildigra is to be ingested at leasthalf an hour prior theintercourse. The patient must be sexually aroused to get any benefit. Sildigra 100mg buy onlineto get amazing deals and offers.

It should not be taken in the following circumstances:-

  • If you are allergic to Sildenafil citrate or related compounds;
  • If you have any kind of respiratory problems;
  • If you have any kind of cardiovascular problems;
  • In case where the patient is suffering from renal or kidney Disorders.

Safety measures:-

  • It doesn’t protect the user from any sexually transmitted disease like syphilis or HIV infection;
  • Do not take this drug if you have Peyronie’s disease;
  • It should be stored away from the grasp of children and is not to be taken by women;
  • If you are using this drug, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking to get better results.

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