Ovral G is a drug used for birth control. It assists in preventing unwanted pregnancies. In count, this medicine can also be used for treating irregular menstrual periods along with dysmenorrhea.

Oral formulation of Ovral G contains a combination of two main elements known as Ethinyl estradiol and Levonorgestrel. Both the components work by preventing the egg cell maturation and by lowering the ovulation process. So that fertilized egg would not develop and prevents the thickening and the development of the endometrium. But these do not protect you from STDs. If you have physical intimacy then you should use the barrier method such as condoms.

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What it constitutes?

It is an oral formulation available as pills containing Ethinyl estradiol and Levonorgesterel as two contraceptive hormones that are similar to naturally occurring estrogen and progesterone hormones.   

How it functions?

It is available as mixture oral contraceptive that acts by inhibition of gonadotrophins. Even though the key method of this action is the suppression of ovulation process, other modifications include alteration in the cervical mucus and the endometrium. These changes increase the trouble of entry by sperm into uterus due to cervical mucus transformation and reduction of implantation possibility due to change in the endometrium.

And for these alterations, it is used as the oral contraceptive for preventing pregnancy.

Steps to take it-

Sexually active females should take this pill orally with water to prevent chances of pregnancy and have to take it at the same time each day with or without food to avoid missed dose chances.

One packet of Ovral G is comprised of 28 tablets to complete a whole month cycle. First 21 tablets are hormonal active pills to prevent pregnancy that you have to start on the first day of your menstrual period during that month or you can start with coming Sunday after menstruation starts.

Next 7 pills are nonhormonal inactive pills called as placebo pills that should be taken after 21 days just to remember of pill intake. During these 7 days, you may expect menstrual bleeding.

You can continue the therapy after completion of one cycle up to 3 months.

If you forget to take any of the doses then consult your doctor or any physician.

  • It is not recommended for adolescents of 16 years or below and for women above 65 years of age.
  • The effectiveness of contraceptive pills is reduced if taken with other drugs such as antibiotics, anticonvulsant, anti-HIV and other contraceptive tablets.

The following undesirable responses have been noticed in patients taking oral contraceptives such as acne, breast tenderness, and pain, cervical change, dizziness, edema, abdominal pain, mood change, alteration in menstrual flow, nausea and change in weight or appetite.

This drug should not be used-

  • By known history patients of diabetes, headache, uncontrolled hypertension, undiagnosed unusual vaginal bleeding, and heart or kidney ailments.
  • By patients who are hypersensitive to any of the generic or any other ingredient in the drug.
  • By females having known or suspected ectopic pregnancy.
  • By pregnant females and nursing mothers.


Women who take oral contraceptive drugs must be strongly recommended not to smoke if they are above 35 years of age and smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day.

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