"Ovral G an effectual Birth control pill"

Ovral G consists of 2 active key ingredients called Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol, as a combination pack used successfully to avert an unexpected pregnancy. This combination packs contain2 hormones: Progestin and Estrogen that carry out their work by making vaginal fluid thicker so that the sperm find difficult in reaching to the egg for fertilization. It also changes the lining of the uterus and avoids attachment of a fertilized egg. 

Besides preventing pregnancy, Ovral-G also helps to make menstrual cycles more regular, reduce painful periods and blood loss, reduces the risk of ovarian cysts and treats acne.

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Ovral-G prevents pregnancy and allows you to stay off conceiving a baby even after an unprotected sensual intercourse.  Emergency contraceptive pills are used as oral administration that stops you getting unplanned pregnancy. Sometimes the birth control measures like condoms breaks during sensual intercourse. In such scenarios, the chances of pregnancy increases. Ovral-G tablet contains a low dose of component, but is highly effective to cease the chances of sperms to fertilize with the eggs. 

Millions of women choose contraceptive pills rather than surgery or placing intra uterine devices because contraceptive pills are much more simple and easy way to avoid pregnancy. These pills also do not affect the chances of healthy fertility in the future.

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Ovral G works by preventing ovulation because of which the ovaries do not produce mature eggs.  Lack of mature eggs does not allow the sperm to fertilize.  Fertilization will be affected as Ovral-G pills will thicken the cervix region consistency and making the mucus dense and thicker so that the sperm do not reach the egg and hence the fertilization does not take place.

Ovral G tablets are available in strips of 28 tablets. You need to consume one tablet every day, at the same time each day. Out of 28 pills, 21 pills are the active pills (contain hormone) while 7 pills are reminder pills that are non-active (non-hormone) that do not contain progestin and Estrogen. Once the pack gets over, get another pack and start your doses.

If you missed one pill of this medication, you need to consume 2 pills on the next days. In case, you missed two pills, consume 2 pills for the next two days. If you missed three pills of this drug, throw away the pack and start with a new pack of this drug.

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Intake of this pill can cause some mild to severe side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, irregular vaginal bleeding, headache, dizziness, mood swing, acne, etc. In case any of these side effects getting worse, immediately contact your doctor.

Warning and precautions!!

  • Do not take this medication if you have allergy to this drug or any other ingredient present in it.
  • Do not take this medication, if you are suffering from diabetes as this drug can affect glucose tolerance.
  • If you have a history of heart attack, stroke, carcinoma for breasts and endometrial, avoid taking this medication.
  • If you are diagnosed with thromboembolic disorder, deep venous thrombosis, migraine or high blood pressure, do not take this medication.
  • Avoid smoking while using this medication.


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