Nowadays, females are very busy in their professional life. All women want freedom, fame and money. To get the fame, they all are doing hard work with lots of enthusiasm. Due to this reason, she wants to delay the family planning and moreover, she feels independent or confident while taking such decisions. Female take the help of contraceptive methods to control over the unintended pregnancy. Contraceptive method helps the women to direct over the pregnancy and assist them to make a decision to conceive or not.

Every female want one of the best and effective birth control. There are various types of contraceptive methods are available in the market such as intrauterine devices, birth control pills, patches, tubectomy and vasectomy.

Birth control pills or you can say Contraceptive methods are the type of tablets, which is daily used by the females for the prevention pregnancy.

Ovral-G is the persistent, reliable and valuable contraceptive tablet, which provides the prevention against the unintended pregnancy in women. Buy Ovral-G online and minimize the menace of accidental pregnancy and permit the female to enjoy their life without taking any kind of tension.

Ovral- G- Medical contraceptive method

Ovral-G is an oral birth control pill. This contraceptive pill is generally utilized by the females to prevent from the unwanted pregnancy. It is an assortment of two lively components such as Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol. It is mostly utilized, when there is a breakage of condoms in men. It should be administered by the females after the intimacy session. It acts by obstructing the release of an egg from the ovary of women. It also modifies the mucus coating present in the uterine wall. It makes the viscous cervical fluid so, the sperms are incapable to enter the ovary of female and there will be no chance of attachment of sperm with egg and there is no fusion takes place.

Are you ready to take Ovral-G?

A pack of Ovral-G contains total 21 tablets. You have to consume 1 pill continuously for everyday for 21 days. You can initiate the next pack of tablet after the 7 days. You have to take a proper dosing schedule of this drug.

If you miss a dose of this tablet and it is more than 12 hours the possibility of avoidance against pregnancy is decreased. So, immediately take the tablet as soon as you recall and also get the extra back-up birth control or contraceptive pill for the next 7 days. 

While taking this tablet, you may experience some adverse symptoms like breast tenderness, feeling of wooziness, stomach pain, feeling of vomiting and irregular menstruation (periods).

Under some conditions Ovral- G is forbidden-

  • In case of female is oversensitive to generic Levonorgestrel.
  • It is not given to lactating moms.
  • If a female have any kind of ovarian problem.
  • If you have any renal and hepatic dilemma.
  • If you have any breast cancer, brain tumor and ovarian cancer.

Precautions to be considered-

  • Alcohol should not be used along with this medication.
  • Don’t utilize any vitamin and nutritional supplement while using this birth control pill.
  • Adolescent girls below the age of 18 years should not utilize this medication.
  • Ovral- L only prevents a female from pregnancy but it doesn’t give any protection against the sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS, syphilis and gonorrhea.

Now, make an order Ovral-G online to remove all the panic and scare of unwanted pregnancy.