If you are a woman who does not have an access to health clinics then you may safely use Abortion pills for terminating your unwanted pregnancy. In this process, abortion is done without surgery. About one-fourth of world’s population lives in the country where highly restrictive abortion laws are therefore most of the women takes helping of unsafe methods to end their mistimed pregnancy. This unsafe way of abortion either makes them infertile cause a serious life-threatening effect on her body. Use of Abortion pills nulls these side effects as they are completely safe and easy to use. About 95% of women reported of successfully pregnancy termination without any surgical tool, with medicines only.

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Surgical abortion needs person clinic visits, but abortion by medicines needs only a final visit to the hospital otherwise it can be done in the privacy of your home or the place where you found yourself comfortable. These medicines shave a key role to play in fulfilling resource-poor settings where inadequate abortion services or high-cost abortion services entailing a woman at high risk of infection. This medicinal way of abortion is highly regulated and updated that allows a woman to make her abortion at an early stage of unplanned pregnancy.

Other reasons why most women prefer Abortion pills is it feels more natural like miscarriage where a woman does not feel that she is undergoing an abortion procedure. As told earlier it can be used at the place where she feels comfortable by accompanying a person she trusts. After she becomes sure about her mistimed pregnancy, she can plan her accidental pregnancy termination of 7 to 9 weeks at the next day, as this is the reason it is also known as an early way of abortion.

Abortion pills constitute two generic medicines name as “Mifepristone” and “Misoprostol”. Brands enclosing generic “Mifepristone” only are Mifegyne, RU486, Mifeprex, and Korlym. Brands enclosing Generic Misoprostol are Misoprostol. Brands containing both of generic medicines Mifepristone and Misoprostol is MTP Kit.

Read the dosing guidance so that you become clear about the abortion process;

    • Mifegyne, RU486, Mifeprex, and Korlym: There is a need to take three tablets of Mifepristone (200mg each) by the mouth on an empty stomach with an abundance of water. Then after you need to wait for 48 hours so that you become sure that no traces have left inside your body.
    • Cytotec: In this abortion process you need to take 12 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg but at a break with separate dosing. You need to first take 4 pills of Misoprostol by oral or vaginal route in one dose then you need to take rest for 4 hours, then again take 4 pills then again rest for 4 more hours to take the remaining pills. If taken by the oral route, then place these pills under your tongue or between cheeks or gums. If taking vaginally, then insert 4 pills inside the vaginal part. Lastly, go for an ultrasound to be assured about the abortion.
    • MTP Kit: On your first day, take one Mifepristone pill when you are an empty stomach by mouth with an abundance of water. On your third day, administer take four pills of Misoprostol either vaginally or orally. Lastly, you need to wait for 14 days, so that you can go for an ultrasound test.

There are some of the risky effects associated with the use of Abortion pills such as nausea, stomach cramps, gas, tenderness, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, headache, heavy vaginal bleeding, constipation, diarrhea and menstrual cramps.

Do’s and Don’ts of Abortion pills:

    • The use of Abortion pills is restricted to females with the pre-existing cardiovascular disease.
    • If any side effects get worse after taking Abortion pills then call your doctor.

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