Cenforce is an oral tablet dose that contains blue diamond, also known as generic Sildenafil, which is used for erectile dysfunction associated in males and other than this the drug is also used in the treatment of PAH (Pulmonary arterial hypertension). Cenforce helps in imparting stark erection to the male suffering erectile problem. One tablet is enough to impart complete erection as the drug affects for about 4-5 hour after taking the drug. Cenforce is available in various dose strengths like 50 mg, 100mg and 150mg.

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Erectile dysfunction is a chronic disorder that is seen in men folks, where one is incompetent to draw blood to the genitals as a result one cannot maintain a consistent erection which is necessary to perform physical session.

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During a physical session a man achieves a firm erection after physical or psychological sensitivity in the following way:

One has desire to go for love making, this desire draws blood from the iliac region to genital parts bring erection and after attaining persistent erection and physical intercourse one goes for seminal discharge and satisfy her partner along.

According to a study ED is normally seen in old aged persons one can tackle this condition efficiently with Cenforce tablet. Buy Cenforce 50mg online from authentic online pharmacy at reasonable price.

Patient experiencing ED, it can be caused due to the following conditions as one goes older he get more prior to get cardiovascular disorder, blood related disease that makes one sensitive to sensual activity. This CVS disorder includes heart stroke, arrhythmia or angina pain. Other than these anomalies medical condition like diabetes mellitus, sickle cell anemia, a patient suffering from a low androgen level that brings low libido and decrease drive.  This impotency itself is a stigma to the patient himself. He may lack the confidence and deprives himself from the partner due to incompetency.

Other than the medical prospective one may suffer disorder due to a psychological condition that brings down the mood to mate or go even close to the partner. Psychological anxiety can also be the reason which is mostly the reason for loss in confidence and thus lack woody erection.

Mechanism of action of Cenforce tablet:

The drug is a PDE-5 inhibitor that stops the natural acting PDE-5 enzyme which brings down the level of Nitric oxide which triggers the cGMP. The cGMP is secondary messengers that bring relaxation in smooth muscles and blood vessels which increase the blood supply to the soft spongy cells of the corpus cavernosum. Thus, one gets a complete erection by the intake of a Cenforce 150mg tablet.


The drug Sildenafil is contraindicated to the person allergic to the content of the drug. If the patient is having any cardiovascular disorder or blood pressure related issue, he should not take the medication. One should not take the drug if he suffers any hereditary disorder of the retinitis pigmentosa problem.

Mode of administration of Cenforce tablet:

The oral tablet dose should be taken by swallowing the whole tablet at once along with the plain water. One should take the drug 40 minutes before getting into sexual intercourse. The drug should be taken empty stomach.

Things to take care while administering:

  • Patient having popper or aphrodisiac drugs, he should not take the organic nitrates.
  • Drug impairs vision due to light sensitivity. Single tablet should be taken in 24 hours if taken more than one tablet one has to experience serious medical condition.
  • Do not take along with grape juice, fatty and oily diet before taking the tablet.

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