There is lots of variation when we study the erectile dysfunctioning in almost all the individuals. There are men having difficulty in getting an erection and others fails to sustain it throughout the whole sexual activity. There is also a category which is lazy to have an erection.             

 Some basic understanding to know your libido factor

On an average, if a man wants to have a healthy sexual activity he should be able to hold the ejaculation and erectness for at least half an hour.   Another very important essentiality during sexual activity includes sexual stimulation which an individual gets by love play involving caressing and kissing. This stimulation is actually the cause of release of nitric oxide from the endothelial cells. Many men have complains that they cannot have a control over there ejaculation once they penetrate the vagina.  Relaxation and concentration are another very vital factor to enjoy the healthy sexual activity.  The rule book says that the erection which lasts for half an hour ensures a healthy sexual activity and should not be repeated once in five days.  Therefore too frequent intercourse leads to concentrate more in the production of sperm cells than for hormones.     

 What causes erectile dysfunctioning?

  1. There are many causes of erectile dysfunctioning which includes
  2. Antidepressant drugs and nicotine is a drug which is believed to worsen sexual abilities in men. So avoid the use of such medication until prescribed by your physician.
  3. Regular consumption of  Alcohol leads to loss of libido and excessive smoking actually damage the blood vessels resulting into the poor blood flow
  4. If there is a spinal or brain injury in someone’s life it could lead to erectile dysfunctioning as brain plays a vital role to getting an erection.  Injuries in the brain and spine affect the natural messaging procedure resulting in erectile failure.
  5. Neurological disorder such as so depression and stress ceases the total feeling of positivity in life and ultimately an erection which needs a positive mind set.
  6. In case of Peyronie’s disease, the tissues in corpus cavernosa leads to the abnormal straightening of penile muscles.  This conditions ultimately effects erectile dysfunctioning in men.


What is Filitra?

Filitra is believed to take care of erectile dysfunctioning by increasing the   blood flow to the penile muscles. Filitra relieves men from worries of frequent erectile disabilities the medication contains vardenafil as the active ingredients.  Filitra comes as   Filitra 20 mg and Filitra 40 mg tablets which is taken with water.  Filitra requires around 30 minutes showing its action which involves improving the blood flow and widening the blocked arterial passage in the male reproductive organ.

What are various precautions required while using Filitra?

 To avoid any adverse events to happen certain precaution is required which includes

  1.  Take precautions if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or you are breast feeding.
  2.  Let your doctor know about all the prescription and   non prescription medication which you are taking before starting the medication.
  3. In many cases, if you have allergies towards food and medication let your doctor know about it.
  4. In the case of the deformed penis, blood cell problem, or any condition, tell your doctor immediately.
  5.  In case of certain eye problem like retinitis pigmentosa and sudden     vision let your doctor know about it.
  6.  In the case of the history of heart attack or certain irregular heart attack, precaution is a must.

 What should you not take when on Filitra?

 You should not take Filitra

  • If your doctor has advised so to avoid sexual activity totally.
  • In case of heart attacks , stroke and life threatening condition in the last six months
  • You should not take Filitra in case of certain hereditary degenerative eye problem.
  • If you are nitrates stop using Filitra immediately.
  • If you are using the certain recreational drug like amyl nitrate stop using Filitra immediately.

So when the erection is an issue buy Filitra online and you can get them at a reasonable rate which is best in the market.   Filitra comes as Filitra professional which is widely acknowledged by men as it assures perfection erection during sexual activity.  Buy Filitra if you really want to enjoy those moments of intimacy.