Nowadays, it is very common for men to face occasional erection failure because of stress in their life, but some of them repeatedly fail to erect whenever they face sensual encounters because of their erection trouble. Men who are unable to erect properly may fail to satisfy the intimate needs of their love during lovemaking sessions. The trouble in accomplishing or upholding a sturdy erection repeatedly cause the feelings of embarrassment, shame, humiliation, guilt and sorrow because men believe that real men should be able to perform in bed during intimate sessions. Repeated erection failure can damage their self-esteem and self-confidence, which eventually affect their intimate relationship. The lack of sensual intimacy between the couple can put a strain on their relationship and sometimes this became the reason for separation or divorce between couples. 

Each one either men or women has set of bedroom demands, which, if not fulfilled with the other partner can break their intimate relationship. Men with erectile dysfunction became anxious or worried about their sensual performance because they stake their self-image and sense of worth on their sensual success. Irrespective of taking any stress either actual or apparent, you must be calm and composed and seek proper treatment for your erection trouble.

The persistent erection failure at the time of intimacy can force you to rethink about your manliness. If your erection trouble forces you to feel the loss of manhood, then use Cenforce 100mg that helps you to regain your erection power during sensual encounters. Cenforce helps you to get or maintain an erection so that you can stay longer in bed at the time of intimacy. Sildenafil citrate is a chief remedial ingredient of Cenforce.

Sildenafil citrate belongs to the category of drugs called PDE-5 blockers. It shows its remedial effect by inhibiting the working of PDE-5 enzymes that inhibits the breakdown of cGMP. A sensual arousal causes the liberation of NO (nitric oxide) in the body and the release of NO causes the formation of cGMP. A superfluous gathered amount of cGMP in the male genital area helps the blood vessels to relax and dilate. This enhances the inflow of blood to the male genital area resulting in a sturdy erection.

Cenforce 150 mg tablets

Commercially, Cenforce is accessible in different dosing strengths of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg. One needs to ingest Cenforce orally at least one hour before being engaged in crazy sensual acts. Once a tablet of Cenforce is ingested orally its effect last for 4 to 5 hours, so keep a gap of 24 hours between two doses of this medicine. Cenforce tablet can be taken orally with food or without food, but do not take this medicine with food containing fats.

A user of Cenforce medication may face some side effects while using this medicine such as headache, facial flushing, wooziness, upset stomach, blocked nose, nausea, chest tenderness and fainting, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Be attentive:

Keep away yourself from the intake of alcoholic beverages or recreational medication along with Cenforce; otherwise, it may cause severe adverse effects. Never take Cenforce along with nitrate containing drugs; otherwise, it may cause a severe drop in blood pressure. Intake of Cenforce may cause dizziness or sleepiness, so do not carry out any dangerous tasks until you know how you react after using this medicine. Men with an evidence of painful or prolonged erection (more than 4 hours) must communicate their doctor before relying on the treatment with Cenforce medication.

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