Impotence or you can say erectile dysfunction is a very irritating word for any male. They cannot live with this word because he feels that his manhood his challenge. But, it is not true, this disorder can happen to anyone at any phase of life in men. One of the most common reasons of impotence is erectile dysfunction. However, approx 15 to 30 million of the American population are affected by the problem of penile failure. Men always feel embarrassed and not able to discuss this problem with their partner and physician.

Erectile dysfunction is described as the regular failure of a man to make and continue the penile erection for a long period of time to get the proper penetration during intercourse. Erectile dysfunction has become more familiar with the increasing the age of man. There are some selective reasons are responsible for the occurrence of male impotency which include physical and psychological factors. Unhealthy lifestyle can also be responsible for the development of erectile dysfunction.

You can treat your impotence with Cenforce 200mg. It is a newly invented medication, which is utilized to maintain the erectile failure after the process of sexual stimulation. Buy Cenforce 100mg from our website and manage the issues of erection.

Mechanism of action of generic Sildenafil

Cenforce become as the wonderful drug due to its extraordinary therapeutic agent Sildenafil. Sildenafil classified under the category of phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors. Sildenafil acts on the specific enzymes such as PDE type-5 enzyme and hence it mounts the supply of blood flow to the penis of men. The whole process of inhibition of PDE type-5 enzyme raising the concentration of c-GMP chemical and cause the relaxation of smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum present in the male reproductive system. Relaxation of smooth muscles causes the augmentation of blood vessels and hence, increases the blood flow to the genital organs of men and makes an inflexible erection. Now, don’t suffer the problem of ED immediately buy Cenforce and resolve all the issues and get additional contentment while lovemaking acts.

Take the appropriate dose of Cenforce

You have to consume only 1 tablet of Cenforce 100mg prior to engaging in the lovemaking act with your partner. If you are not getting the proper outcomes of Cenforce 100mg then you may increase the dose up to 200mg. This drug is meant to take via the oral route and it ought to be gulped with a full glass of water. Don’t break, crush or chew the tablet underneath your teeth, otherwise you may feel bitter taste of the tablet. It can be administered with or without meals. Try to keep away from the fatty or junk food while taking this medication because fat demolishes the effectiveness of Sildenafil.

Certain side effects occurs while taking this medication are severe headache, nausea, inclination of drowsiness, muscle pain, stomach distress, diarrhea and chest pain.

Certain safety points are followed by the patients while taking this medication-

  • Keep away from the unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and drinking of alcohol.
  • Ignore the consumption of grapefruit and its juices along with this medication.
  • Don’t use any other medicines which belong to the same category.
  • In any case, you get an overdose of this medication then seek for medical help.
  • Don’t give his therapy to the females.
  • This drug is not intended for the adolescents below the age of 18 years.
  • This drug is not taken in case of male patients are suffering from renal, hepatic and cardiac disorder.

Buy Cenforce 200mg to make your relationship long lasting and break all the excuses and wall of shyness between you and your partner.