Physical intimacy is a way of expressing the feelings or emotions towards his or her partner. Sexual relation is the basic need of every individual. Due to any difficulty, the equal contribution is not achieved the healthy relationship starts splitting. In that case, you have to talk with your partner. You both need to equally participate to solve the problem and achieve the height of your relations. The men who are unhappy and depressed, they always face a lot of problems while bed performance.    

One of such problem is erectile dysfunction in males. Eriacta 100 mg is a valuable drug to solve all the problems of erotic disorder.  It comprises of generic Sildenafil and it falls under the class of PDE type-5 inhibitors.  It is very efficient and powerful Anti-impotent pill as compared to other drug used in the management of ED.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition in which a man feels difficulty in getting and maintaining a proper penile erection at the time of intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is an issue which is caused due to the mixture of physical and psychological causes. Stress, tension, anxiety and dejection may cause the impotence in guys. These physical and psychological reasons frequently obstruct the flow of blood towards the penile section. Erectile dysfunction needs immediate treatment otherwise, it may cause severe erection problem. Some medication treatments of erectile dysfunction are Suhagra, Kamagra, Tadaga, Vilitra, Viagra and Cenforce.

Effective medical methodology for erectile dysfunction

Eriacta is an orally administered pill, which is indicated to solve all the problems of erectile dysfunction in males. Generic Sildenafil citrate is a chief dynamic component of this tablet. Sildenafil comes under the class of phosphodiesterase type -5 inhibitors. Penile erection in males happens through a physiological process. When a man is sexually aroused, the liberation of nitric oxide is occurring and this nitric oxide may cause the synthesis of cyclase guanylate enzyme and c-GMP. This c-GMP helps in the relaxation of smooth muscles of penis and raises the blood stream to the penile zone of guys and makes inflexible erection. Relaxation of smooth muscles may cause the recovery of blood flow. This finally leads to desired erection for an agreeable physical intimacy session. Order Eriacta 100mg online to save your pleased and lovely relations

Sildenafil is also indicated in the supervision of pulmonary arterial hypertension. It helps in the relaxation of blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure in the body.

Method of administration of Eriacta

  • Eriacta is available in the strength of 100mg.
  • The initial prescribed dose of this medicine is 50 mg but you can easily increase the dose up to 100 mg as per the need of the patient.
  • It is to be taken via an oral route and it ought to be swallowed with a glass of water.
  • It has the fast action. It is to be administered just before 30 minutes of physical interaction.  

Some unfavorable side effects happen while using this drug like difficulty in breathing, vision changes, chest pain, palpitation, and dyspepsia, painful and prolonged erection.  


  • If you are hypersensitive to generic Sildenafil, so don’t take this drug.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages and smoking is strictly prohibited along with this drug.
  • Driving and operation of machinery work is avoided while taking this drug.
  • Intake of Nitrates and Nitroglycerine is eluded along with this drug.
  • If you have kidney, liver and cardiac issues, so use this drug with some cautions.
  • This drug is not intended for children and females.
  • Never consume any other PDE type-5 inhibitors drug along with this drug.

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