Women thinking of adopting suitable contraceptive pills can make the use of dianette. At the same time it is also beneficial to solve the problems of acne and hirsutism effectively. You can Dianette online from the websites and at a very affordable cost.

Benefits of using the dianette:

Dianette is quite beneficial for the using in following conditions:

  • As a contraceptive: it acts as a contraceptive in the women who do not want to have a baby for some time.
  • In hirsutism: It is a condition of in which there is an occurrence of abnormal growth of the hair due to the secretion of the male sex hormones in excess amount.
  • In severe acne condition.

How it works?

Dianette contains the dynamic Cyproterone acetate which is a derivative of anti-androgen hormones. Androgens are mainly the male hormones that are secreted by both men and women. In men, androgens are responsible for the growth of the sex organs. Testosterone is the main hormone. Androgens also participate in the female body for carrying out the stimulating of the growth of hair of the body and also look after the production of oestrogen.

When a woman’s body produces androgens in excess amount it can lead to certain problems like hirsutism (excess hair growth), ruthless acne, oily skin, hair loss and amenorrhea (a condition of having no periods). Buy Dianette online to solve the various problems of women.

How to take the dianette?

Begin the dosing with one new pack of dianette. It contains total of 21 pills. Each pill contains the equivalent dose of hormones. After 21 days, give a gap of 7 days. It is a break from ingesting the pill. In these 7 days, the level of hormones decreases down in the blood and you will have menses like bleeding. After 7 days, in case you still have your bleeding then also starts with a new pack. The best thing is that the pills come with a calendar marked along with the days for the full three weeks. While on your break days, you are free from the fear of being getting the pregnancy.

While using the drug, in case of acne and hirsutism treatment it takes few months for the completely clear up result. It is advisable to discontinue the medication after three to four months when the skin gets in good condition.

Do not forget to take the dose daily. In case you forget the dose then for availing the satisfactory result take the missed dose as soon as you get recalled. In case now it is more than 24 hours of missing the dose then pursue the following instructions:

  • One pill missed: take the missed dose as soon as you get remembered. In case it is getting the time for the next dose then take the two pills at same time. And then continue as per the normal schedule.
  • Two or more missed dose: in case you missed two or more dose then you are not safe from getting the pregnancy. Take the missed dose. Give the break of two or three days and initiate the medication again with the new pack. It is better to avoid having the sexual act or to use barrier contraceptive method for the next seven days.

Key features:

  • Extensively used by the women suffering from severe acne
  • Extensively used by the women suffering from hirsutism
  • 99% effective and successful in the form of contraceptive if it is ingested in correct manner
  • It is to be taken only one time in day.

Safety measures:

  • It is not to be used in men.
  • In case you are pregnant or lactating mothers then do not use the dianette.

You can buy Dianette drugs that are available from market and from the online sites. It is a drug that is prescribed to the women who are suffering from acne and hirsutism.