Every activity in our body starting from the time you wake up till you go to bed needs muscular coordination. Every short and long muscle of the body gets challenged when you initiate maneuvering. Body movement needs muscle and bone co-ordination and any flip or mismatch in the movement of the two may induce pain in the body of the person. Muscle inflammation, joint stiffness, muscle stretching, pulling, injury or spasm may induce ache in the body of a person.

soma for muscular pain

Muscular discomfort shoots shockwaves upward in the bone and muscles making you almost 1000 times more strained in your connective tissue fibers. Rest is the first thing suggested to a patient in case of an injury, surgery or any strenuous condition as this is the best way to prevent unnecessary pressure on the joints. Pain can hit anybody at any phase of time. Even sleeping for a long time in a wrong posture can induce a pain in your neck and the back. Playing a sport after a long time and overusing a particular type of muscle can induce a pain. Skidding over the floor even make you rest on the bed for a long time as muscle may get stretched in a wrong way. Running after a long time may create deep exhaustion in the muscles that can be cured by the massage, rest, healthy diets and of course followed by the medicine intake Soma.

Soma is the medicine that gives short-term relief to the patient from the muscular ache, injury, and surgery. The active constituent holed up in the brand is Carisoprodol. The moiety has been approved by FDA and is available in dosing strengths of 350mg and 500mg. The medicine exhibits instant and best effect in the patient when the patient follows some physical exercise too along with rest.

The therapeutic class to which medicine Soma belongs to is central nervous system depressant and the methodology which Carisoprodol drug shows to counter the pain sensations in person is blocking the traverse of the painful signal from the region in pain to meet up in the brain.

Patient on therapy of Soma 350mg has to take these pills thrice in a day with a glass full of lukewarm water but if you’re having Soma 500mg pills then taking this pill twice in a day will impart you with all the benefits. The therapeutic dose which is safe when taken by an adult patient is 1400/day which is 700mg/day in case of geriatrics.

Malicious effects associated with the intake of medicine Soma include nausea, blur vision, headache, irritation, dizziness, tremor, fast heartbeats and upset digestion. Cautionary steps you can follow with Soma medicine are given below:

  • Avoid taking alcohol, coffee and grapefruit juice
  • Avoid puffing the cigarette smoke and other medicines like opioids
  • Don’t go for riding the bike and handling of sophisticated machinery after taking the pill as dizziness may fall you in the trap of an accident

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