There is a mental perception among many women that there is a low risk of getting pregnant in their case.  It’s just a feeling that they couldn’t or wouldn’t get pregnant as they have developed a new   neuropath way which they have created in their mind. The fact or the reality is that about 85 percent of couples have reported to conceive within a year if they’re having unprotected sex on the regular basis. The contraceptive pills definitely lower your risk of pregnancy, not all forms are foolproof.  Even most of the women who thought they were protected by contraceptives were not using it properly. And in most of the women it is found that they are missing control pills for two to three days in the whole month and it makes them way less effective.  Mothers who have unintended pregnancies were also more likely to smoke, and their babies were slightly more likely to have a low birth weight.


Factors responsible for  unintended pregnancies

  In case of female who are facing poverty related issues

  There are cases where the females become victim of unintended sex due to crave for money and high profile lifestyle.

 The influence f porn movies also let boys and girls get equally convinced to have unprotected sex.

 If you are lacking the knowledge and you are ignorant among teenage girls on the use of contraceptives

Perception of unplanned pregnancy & feeling of abortion

When you are planning to abort an unplanned pregnancy, you might be a male who has different emotions of pleasure and enjoyment in your mind but for the female it is an issue which is very close to her heart.  The female may experience long-term psychological or emotional problems. Most of the women undergoing abortion experienced a lot of negative emotions and may have a strong feeling of guilt and anxiety. When I had a talk few individual female who had undergone abortion which was never planned properly they had few things to say which included having low esteem.   Most of the women said  were feeling that they would not be able to cope up with the situation  as there was  a lack of support either from their family members or their partners.   Many have to say that they had originally committed to have pregnancy but because of their partners they had to abort and it was painful to accept such a decision. Many of them got stigmatized as they cannot share the news with others.              


MTP Kit administration

When you are in your initial phase of pregnancy there are few contraceptive pills which are readily available in the market which can take care of unwanted situations. . The first pill Mifepristone which is the abortion pill is taken at the doctor’s clinic. The second pill is misoprostol which is taken 72 hours later or on the third day. The pill could be taken either bucally or vaginally as provided by the healthcare provider.

Some of the Precautionary measures.

  •  In case of females who have mild to severe hepatic impairment, should discuss with their health care provider.
  •  Women who are aged  more than  35 years of age and love smoking  should  control their habit and discuss with their physicians.
  • In case of pregnancy or when you are breast feeding, take your doctor’s suggestion.
  • When a patient is taking any prescription or nonprescription medication, he should tell his doctor about all the medication or medical condition he is undergoing

So when you are looking for a dual kit which assures a end to unplanned pregnancy Buy MTP KIT onlineMtp Kit is a combination pill which contains Mifepristone and Misoprostol.