A whole lot has been said and written about people who seek an abortion. It is indeed a controversial process, even illegal in most parts of the world to certain degrees as we all know it. In most of the countries, abortion is allowed only up to a certain point means there is a caveat set out by the government. Even in the United States, the law changes from one state to another. We all have opinions on all of the things and we also have a tendency to make people understand our opinion and conform to it. People vary in how they look at abortion as well and there are various influences that help them reach to such conclusions.

MTP Kit for the termination of unwanted pregnancy

Some people regard abortion as a moral and criminal offense and there are many examples here and there that women who have undergone abortion are punished for this deed. Then there are others who believe that it is okay to have an abortion done in certain cases such as forced sex and rape or when the mother or child’s life is in grave danger. There are also many of us who look at this process as a woman’s choice. Only giving birth to a child may be important for the onlookers as that’s what they are concerned with but the woman who has to give birth and bring the child up has to look at various other things as well.

She would before giving birth to the child want to have a fair assessment of her financial conditions, her mental physical health, whether she has a stable relationship, whether the partner is supportive, and her own career and age etc. When you look at the statistics, most of the women who chose abortion are the ones who already are a mother, this is also a reason that they would rather want to focus their resources and energy on the existing child. The most prevalent reason for abortion, however, is the failure of contraception.

MTP Kit is a drug used as an early abortive technique for a pregnancy which is not older than 9 weeks. The reliance of women in this product is quite high as it provides them with an abortive method that is affordable, lesser painful, hassle-free, toll-free, safe, 98% success rate, and a lot less painful. This medication has Mifepristone and Misoprostol as its remedial agents and they are both FDA approved.

Mifepristone exerts its response by blocking Progesterone which is a pregnancy hormone. The role of this hormone is to supply oxygen and nutritious elements and its blockade leads to the death of the fetal cells. The primary role of Misoprostol is to expel the fetal cells out as blood clots which are done by cervical ripening, endometrial degeneration, and softening of the cervix.

MTP Kit is obtainable in a pack of 5 pills; one of it is Mifepristone (200mg) and four Misoprostol (200mcg each) pills. Therapy begins with Mifepristone is taken first orally with water. Take the Misoprostol pills after two days either through oral or vaginal route. After two weeks of Misoprostol intake, get the process confirmed.

Common adverse effects that you may come across while using this medication are exhaustion, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, severe vaginal bleeding, and vomiting.

Preventive measures!

  • Take proper rest and balanced food so that you get better faster.

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