Life has many turnovers every now and then. Bringing up a new life into your family is also a big decision of acceptance   for every woman who wants to continue with her pregnancy.  So when you plan a baby unanimously it’s your personal decision and when it comes to abortion most of the time it is unplanned. So when you have an unplanned and accidental situation of abortion you could go for medical abortion.  Medical abortion is an abortion where everything falls at ease.

Abortion pill include two main pills which is two medicines one is Mifepristone and the other is Misoprostol. The medication could be given up to first nine weeks of pregnancy.   Women who are looking to go for abortion after the ninth week could go for clinic abortion.

 For Anxiety treatment during pregnancy.

 Anxiety during pregnancy could be a big challenge.  Some daily activities includes

1. When you take long breath  which is seen in case of  yoga or even stretching exercise

2. Exercises like swimming or walking could be a great asset for a woman.

3. You need a good sleep by sleeping as early as possible as your baby needs a very good sleep.

  Reasons for abortion

 Abortion could have many reasons.  

1. The question could be professional as well as personnel in nature.  

2. What is the economic condition has always been a cause for terminating the pregnancy.

3.  When the pregnancy is rape oriented.

 Post abortion Care

  After the abortion process special attention is required in some cases

  • when severe cramps is seen  you could go for a pain killer.
  •  There is a condition when you feel feverish after the abortion.  In such prevailing condition try using  the antipyretic medicines.
  •  If you take more of alcohol and even usage of any illicit drugs.
  • You should avoid any pressure on the lower part of the abdomen because it may cause pain.  Carrying lifting of the heavy objects could be hazardous to you.
  •  After abortion you should avoid going for the diary products in solid or in liquid form.

 Working of birth control pills.

Mtp kit contain two active ingredients which are Mifepristone and Mifeprostol. The first dose is of mifepristone and the  pill is to be taken with water. Mifepristone separates the placenta from the endometrium wall whereas the Misoprostol causes uterine contraction.  Because of uterine contraction the uterine contents passes out.   After consumption of Misoprostol most of the women pass the pregnancy within 4 to 5 hours.   Contraction of uterus is to push out the waste material   is a painful event which marks the end of the pregnancy.  Before you start taking the pills you should have few precautionary measure to be taken .

 Facts you should know before starting the MTP Kit

  • You should confirm your pregnancy first pregnancy.
  • If you have intra-uterine device you should take it out before starting with the pills.
  • Eating foods and drinks should be strictly avoided  before 6 hours of taking the MTP kit.

So when you want to end an unplanned pregnancy buy online MTP Kit.  Mtp Kit is the true solution to e when the pregnancy has happened accidentally or due to contraceptive failure.