Abortion is the ending of the undesired pregnancy by removing the fetus outside’s the female womb. Abortion is done either with the help of abortion pills or with surgical equipment.

Why female go for an abortion?

Taking a decision for an abortion is not an easy one. But in life due to several undesired circumstances like financial crisis, relationship difficulty and failure of any birth control device, leave only a way for a female to for an abortion.

What female should do in case of undesired pregnancy?

The perfect and most effective solution for such women is going for medical abortion or abortion with pills. Earlier women have only two options to abort the pregnancy herbal method and surgery. Herbal methods such as high dose of vitamin C used to cause abortion but it totally unreliable. In surgical abortion, sharp edge surgical instrument curette is used to carry out the abortion. Medical abortion or abortion with pills is an alternative to surgical abortion. Nowadays, the medical abortion is experts’ first choice as it is noninvasive and economical with success rate of 98%.

What is medical abortion?

Medical abortion is just a way to end the pregnancy naturally like miscarriage with pills. It involves no use of surgery and anesthesia. Medical abortion is of two types- early medical abortion which is done up to 9 weeks of pregnancy and induces natural miscarriage and second trimester medical abortion which is done later in pregnancy and induces early labor.

MTP kit is a best and reliable way to carry out the termination of less than 63 days. It is not only noninvasive and risk free, but it also offers an advantage of terminating the pregnancy privately. Most of the female can use MTP kit safely to end the pregnancy of less than 9 weeks. It should not be used in case of ectopic pregnancy, in which the pregnancy implanted in the fallopian tube. In case female ever had an allergy to Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Moreover before using this, female should be confirmed about their pregnancy as well as the length of the pregnancy.

For terminating the pregnancy female needs to take 1 pill of Mifepristone (200mg) orally, that blocks the activity of hormone progesterone which provide nutrient to the fetus.  After a gap of 48-72 hours take 4 pills of Misoprostol either orally or vaginally, which causes the contraction of the uterus to expel the fetus outside the womb along with some blood clot. After 14 days, female should visit the clinic to get the confirmation of the pregnancy through ultrasound scan. MTP kit online is a reliable solution for your undesired pregnancy.


ü Take out the IUD device before taking MTP kit. After a week insert the IUD devices

ü Stop Breast feeding at least for 5 hours after taking MTP kit, during that phase throw out the produced milk.

ü At least for 2 days avoid intake of alcohol and any herbal preparation such as St John's Wort,

ü The possibility of getting pregnant just an abortion is high, so start taking oral contraceptive pills within five days of taking MTP.

ü Don’t get involve in sex for 2 weeks after an abortion and don’t put anything in the vagina no tampons, no bathing or swimming.

ü Women should consult a doctor in case of having fever more than 100.4 f, It may be due to any kind of infection, in case of heavy bleeding (using more than 2 pads for 2 hours)

ü Don’t lift up heavy object and avoid strenuous physical exercise at least for 2 weeks.

ü Menstrual period may re-establish in four to eight weeks.

Final words: medical abortion is safe and effective. It is a myth that it affects the future fertility.

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