Most of the women who are not in habit of using contraceptive pills become pregnant in a year’s time. So it’s a very clear understanding that women will not become pregnant if she is using the contraceptive pills very regularly.  In the same way withdrawal of penis prior to ejaculation and periodic abstinence does not prevent the happening of the pregnancy.  Here abstinence means not having sex at all or indulging in any kind of sexual activity.   

 What is menstruation?

Menstruation is a woman’s monthly bleeding.  If you are having menstruation at the right time it means you have a proper balance of hormones in the body.  It actually prepares your body for pregnancy every month.  In the menstrual cycle the levels of estrogen starts to rise. Estrogen actually helps to make strong bones and keep them strong as they grow older.  A women is most likely to get pregnant  during the three days before the ovulation or on the day of ovulation.  Keeping this in mind whenever there isa hormonal imbalance you are actually effecting your pregnancy values.

A  painful event during menstrual cycle

Endometriosis is a painful chronic disease, The area which gets effected is between  the vagina and the rectum.  The outer surface of the uterus and the lining of pelvic cavity. The symptoms of endometriosis include pain during the periods, pain with sex, infertility fatigue, painful urination during periods and painful bowel movement during periods. The causes of endometriosis is still unknown but is believed  that almost every women experiences some menstrual tissue back up and that an immune system problem or hormonal problem allows this tissue to grow in the women who  develop endometriosis.

 For majority of women the menstrual cycle continues for mostly 28 days.If a women wants to delay her menstruation periods she can get that done with the help of her health care provider.  But most of the doctors are not supporting menstrual suppression.

 What is Ovral G

Ovral G is mainly used to treat endometriosis and menstrual irregularities or even postponing the menstruation. It contains Norgestrol 500 mcg and ethinyl Estradiol 50 mcg.  Ovral G is also used to prevent pregnancy.The Ovral G assures you maximum contraceptive effectiveness.  Overal G   should be used every twenty four hours to prevent from getting pregnant. the treatment is carried  for  period of 20 to 21 days.

 Some of the precautionary measures

Ovral G should not be used when you are pregnant. Even after having a baby you need to wait for four weeks before starting the Ovral G . There are some precautionary measures which should be taken when you are going to start with Ovral G.  So before taking Ovral G

1.  You should let your doctor know whether you have untreated and uncontrolled high blood pressure.

2.   In case of heart disease which could be a stroke and history of heart attack.

3.   In case of liver disease and liver cancer call your doctor and let him know immediately.  

4.  You should inform your doctor if you are suffering from diabetes.

5.  In case of history of irregular menstrual consult your doctor before starting the drug.

6. In case of history of Fibrocystic breast disease, lumps or abnormal mammogram  , call your doctor and get proper suggestion for your medication.