What migraine and vestibular vertigo?

A migraine headache is a condition which leads to a pulsating pain sensation in any area of your head. Migraine is often accompanied with vomiting, nausea or extreme sensitivity to light and noise. The attack of migraine may cause a severe pain which can continue for hours to several days. The patient of migraine can get best relieve in a quiet and dark place. Apart from that you can reduce the attack of migraine by maintaining a healthy lifestyle including fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh juices and plenty of water.

Vertigo is a condition which causesfeeling of spinning, disorientation or dizziness. This medical condition is caused by several reasons like weakness, problem in the inner ear or some particular conditions related to brain. Since heights can increases the attack of vertigo, you may sometime be confused with vertigo with another medical condition called acrophobia. So always consult with your physician if you notice any symptoms mentioned here for a proper diagnosis.