How you communicate in your bed really decides a lot about your sex life. Those with poor communication have seen the downfall in their relationship.  Physical touch is a key component about the relationship  and those who are already stressed and tired loose out a lot in this area which ultimately effects the penile erection.  So suit down with your partner and have this conversation. 

  The role of diet for getting harder erection

When you want to have a stronger erection lasting for a longer time, your need to concentrate on some specific nutrients.  If you are used to taking a lot of carbohydrate this will be one of the best ways to improve your sexual activity/. Foods rich in carbohydrates like pasta and bread are good for harder erection . Food items which are rich in zinc increases the testosterone and sperm, which is vital to have a strong and long erection. The best zinc sources are seafood, peas and beans.  Fatty foods and fatty meals bring down the testosterone levels in the body and lower the libido factor and eventually affect the ejaculation process. When you are taking regular fruits and vegetables it will help to reduce the presence of cholesterol in your bloodstream and increase the blood flow to your penile tissue. Green tea loaded with antioxidant is also responsible for increasing the blood flow to the body. 

Lifestyle for good sex drive

At least seven hours of sleep is necessary to regulate a proper sex drive.  If you are overweight you are at a risk of getting ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure so avoid fast food items. Harder erection is possible if you go for missionary and doggy style as it allows more blood to flow to the penis and allows a strong and harder erection.  Excessive stress could also hamper your erections. Flavanoids present in chocolates are responsible to increase the blood flow to the penis.               

Working of Sildalis

Sildalis is is a dual combination containing Tadalafil and Sildenafil.Sildalis belongs to one category and that is phosphodiesterase type -5 inhibitor. After initial foreplay there is a release of nitric oxide from the nerve terminals and endothelial cell.  The nitric oxide further converts guanosine monophosphate to  cyclic guanosine  monophosphate in the smooth muscle. As the amount of cyclic guanosine monophosphate keeps increasing and aggregating there is a enhancement in the blood flow to the penile tissue and a harder erection is achieved.

 How should you take the medication?

You should take Sildalis at least minutes before the planned sexual activity.   The dose is one tablet per day and heavy meals should be avoided along with this medication.. Keep the medication at room temperature. Sildalis should be kept away from children and pets.  The tablet is believed to have prolonged effect as compared to other product in the market. The daily dose should not increase one tablet having 100 mg of Sildenafil and 20 mg of tadalafil

 Some of the precautionary measures

   Precaution is must when you are taking Sildalis to avoid any untoward events. 

 1.When you had a recent heart attack which happened in last 90 days

2.When you have  high and low blood pressure , tell your doctor immediately.

3.,discuss with your doctor immediately  during f bleeding disorder such as Hemophilia