Snovitra 20mg is a renowned drug used by a number of men to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. This drug definitely supports man to attain and keep hard erections long enough to have a satisfactory sexual session.

What are erectile dysfunction and its cause?

Erectile dysfunction is also referred as impotence .It is a common disease in man and affects the number of the men over the age of 40 years, in which a man won’t be able to get and maintain enough erection required to have an orgasm. This is a nerve racking condition for a man, which has a negative impact on the quality of life of sufferers and his partners

The problem generally occurs due to physical and psychological region. However sanitary lifestyle such as intake of excess amount of the alcohol, smoking and lack of exercise or physical work, excess weight also are the main reason which leads to the erectile dysfunction.

Physical region include contraction of blood vessels of the male genital part due to high blood cholesterol or diabetes high blood pressure. Any physical damage to the penile region or hormonal issue also leads to the erotic disability in man. The Psychological reason includes depression, anxiety, financial crisis and relationships problem.

How to treat the vulnerable disease?

Man just by indulging some healthy activities in his day to day activity, can be able to overcome this issue like having sufficient exercise, balanced BMI ratio, cut the intake of alcohol and chewing tobacco. So many solutions are available in the market for this issue, which leads to the confusion in the mind of man, in deciding which is perfect for him. To evade such problem, Snovitra 20mg is an ideal and perfect solution, which gaining popularity because of its dynamic result in a number of men irrespective of age, duration of the disease.

Snovitra is a brand of Vardenafil. The Vardenafil has the potential to augments the sufficient supply of the blood in the penile region by inhibiting the enzyme PDE 5.A man need to be sexually aroused before taking this drug. The erection is a complex process, when man gets sexually excited, a signal is send to the brain, which causes the relaxation of the smooth muscle of the penile region and results into the hard and long lasting erection enough to have a satisfactory sexual session.

Man just need to consume this drug 30 minutes earlier goes getting into the sensual session with a glass full of water and the impact of this drug last for 4 hours. To get the desired efficacy it is best to take it after 2-3 hours of taking diet. As the presence of fat rich content has negative impact on the bioavailability of this drug, which results into the delaying of the action. Once the sexual activity has completed, PDE-5 causes the contraction of the penile muscles and forcing blood out of the penile region and in this way male genital part comes to its normal size.

Man may less likely to experience some unwanted effects like properly, vertigo, irregular bleeding, chest pain, feeling of unconsciousness, and feeling of vomiting, hepatic injury, severe headache, pain and long-time erection, faintness, pain in the throat.


  • Don’t get indulge into the activities like operating machinery until you know how to react, as this medicine causes blurred vision or drowsiness.
  • In case if you don’t experience the desired result after devouring this tablet, then don’t take extra amount of the drug. It is recommended to take only one tablet in 24 hours.
  • Don’t take it, in case of having any allergy to Snovitra or having any coronary heart disease or history of stroke.
  • This drug is meant for male only; female should not take this drug at any cost
  • Concomitant use of nitrate based drug like nitroglycerin should not be taken while taking this drug. Moreover don’t take other PDE 5 inhibitor drug while taking this drug.

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