Carisoprodol is one of the most potent muscle relaxant drugs that have covered the medical market for the management of any type of muscle agony and musculoskeletal problems.

After working hard all throughout the week, when the weekend rolls around, everyone wants to just enjoy their life with full enjoyment. The enjoyment can be made either going on a picnic or for playing their favorite sports, spending time in gym for intense work out, hike on mountains or it can be anything that a person loves. These activities recharge a person for his/her next weekdays. But, do not spoil or side line you're these moments due to the emergence of any kind of muscle pain.

Treating your muscle pain and fibromyalgia-

There is a big query with a lot of people for which they are always in doubt whether to use heat or ice. Medical experts suggest treating that area with the indirect application of ice. Indirect ice means wrap the ice in a towel and then treats the area. It is a best way for the faster and immediate relief from the pain. Heat is also very good when applied to the painful area for the immediate relief from the pain. But the correct and most effective way is first ice the aching area and later on, provides the heat to the same area to ensure the proper blood flow and finally there will be relief from the pain.

Soma- Ideal drug for muscle pain

Apart from above natural home remedy the best medication for the management of the muscle pain is the use of generic Carisoprodol. Commonly it is renowned with the brand name of Soma. It is a centrally acting drub that cause the depressive effect. This drug possesses that skeletal muscle relaxant property.

The pharmacological action of this drug is not clear, but this drug is an analogue of Meprobamate which is a sleep causing drug. It is a drug with central GABAergic properties which revise GABA-a receptor activity in the brain area and in the spinal cord. Apart from this action, Carisoprodol also produce skeletal muscle relaxation by repressing neuronal activity in the brain and spinal cord.

Know your right dosing method-

Soma is available in the doses of 250 mg and 350 mg. It is an orally intended drug. This drug should be consumed with care to avoid its unwanted effects.Take your dosing four times in a day in divided regimen. Three tablets are to be ingested during the day time with the gap of every 4 to 6 hours and the fourth dose is ingested at bedtime.

"The dosing of the soma is not to be continued for more than two to three weeks."

Also, at the same time it is to be kept in mind that discontinuing this drug at once can cause the withdrawal symptoms so discontinue the dosing slowly by decreasing the dose. Even the withdrawal symptoms also arise with the use of soma for a longer time. Withdrawal symptoms that can arise are abdominal pain, headache, recurrent urge for vomiting, and convulsions.

The medication of the Soma drug should be taken with caution as it has the property to cause the habit or addiction. This medicine is to be consumed only when it is really needed. People having the history of drug abusing habit should never take this drug.It is not safe to be used during the pregnancy and while breast feeding baby so take it after proper consultation with your physician.It is not intended to be used in kids aging less than the age of 12 years.

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