Most of the time loss of libido is because of psychological factor where our minds our overburdened with day to day stress. The cause is stored deep within in the form of emotional distress, depression or anxiety.   Stress is one common fact which is common to all the ages but is more prevalent among the teenager. The reason is less exposure towards life and circumstances which the other elderly people already have in their pocket.   In case of teenager the stress is due to performance anxiety. The other reasons of low libido in teenagers mainly due to their developmental, relationship and moral issues regarding their sexuality

 Suhagra 50 mg is answer to come out of all such psychologically build up stress.  The Suhagra pills assure to treat male impotency. The medication is believed to increase the potency in men by hundred percent and that’s what the feedback come from men who are using it.  Suhagra 50 mg should be taken thirty to sixty minute   before the sexual activity.   If you take alcohol in small quantity it would not affect the efficacy of Suhagra. 

Few test to diagnosis erectile dysfunctioning

  •  You could your blood test which could decide the presence of anemia or any other cause for your erectile dysfunction.
  •  If you have high thyroid levels it is believed to cause erectile dysfunctioning.
  •  When the arteries get hardened due to increased levels of lipid it is obviously going to affect the flow of the blood to the penis.
  • Many of doctors advice for ultrasound as it checks signs of tissue scarring and atherosclerosis.

Known diseases that causes erectile dysfunctioning

  1. Diabetes Mellitus- early symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction is reported in case of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus further leads to neuropathy in which both sensory and autonomic nerves get destroyed.
  2. Hypertension- in case of hypertension there is low level of nitric oxide which is produced. The nitric oxide is produced by the arteries of the body including the arteries of penis and the endothelial cells.
  3. Smoking- if you are a regular Smoking person it could cause atherosclerosis and thereby increases the chances of Erectile Dysfunction.

Factor affecting erectile dysfunctioning in teenagers 

 Performance jitters:  The teenagers are very enthusiastic in nature and have an overwhelming desire to be the best performer in the bed. This makes them to not perform at all in many situations as they have a sense of worry which makes the performance the worst.

Depression:   The feeling of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness is very common in men at young age for their studies and some for their career related issues.  At this age a teenager has a strong urge to have sex as he is in his twenties and that’s the time when men have maximum urge. In case of female the sex urge is maximum when they come into their thirties. So men who are left out alone land into the zone of depression which ultimately affects their libido factor.                            

 Signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction

  •  When you are not getting an erection
  •  When you are not able to get an erection which is required for successful penetration.
  • Those who are unable to have erection for a long time erection is not hard sufficient for penetration 

Working of Suhagra 50 mg

 Suhagra 50 mg inhibits the degradation of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum located around the penis.

Due to sexual stimulation there is a increased release of nitric oxide from nerve terminals and endothelial cells, which stimulates the synthesis of cGMP in smooth muscle cells. The cyclic guanosine mono phosphate causes smooth muscle relaxation and increased blood flow into the corpus cavernosum and ultimately leads to a strong erection enough for a sexual penetration.

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