Suhagra: A Safe Solution for getting perfect erectness

We know that the inability to have a strong erection to complete the sexual activity is termed as erectile dysfunction. Almost every man has to go through it sometimes or other in their life. But before a disease comes in any individual there are symptoms which could help to detect the disease. The symptoms could be due to trouble getting an erection, reduced sexual desire and trouble maintaining an erection.        

 Lifestyle to improve the libido factor.

 Erectile dysfunction has become a common disease today due to our lifestyle .Changing your lifestyle is changing towards better health. So even if you have a libido issue you can look to change your lifestyle and that checks your erection factor.  When we say changing the lifestyle it actually means changing the physical, psychological, social and economic environment on a day to day basis. Lifestyle is expressed   in both work and leisure behavior and there are many ways to get back your libido.

1. Nicotine has proved to be very hazardous in nature.  Smoking cigarette leads to vasoconstriction and it could further lead to the damage in the arteries, veins and even the small vessel s in the penis.

2. If you are doing a regular exercise you are actually improving your sex life. Exercise is believed to increase the hormone levels in the body and hence provides a good erection for the sexual activity.

3. Meditation and Yoga is believed to take away the stress present in your life and helps our sex life.

4. If you are getting good sleep you are actually getting free from stress and anxiety. If sleep is effected it effects the brain chemistry and even gives you a strong sex life.

5. Those who can have control on their alcohol consumption are protecting themselves from heart related disease and excess amount proves to be depressant in nature. So if   you leave the habit of drinking you could be able to control the libido to greater limits.

 Some personnel efforts to get back a strong libido.

1. You need to plan more date nights. The dates don’t need to be highly romantic. It could be going for evening movies and a dinner with your partner is more than enough to reignite the love and spark when you first met.

2. When you are taking pills which are birth control pills you are actually reducing the body’s production of testosterone and ultimately getting your sex drive affected.

3. After a long day work when you return back to your home you have all household work which are pending when you start working this way the intimacy gets pushed back to the background.

4.You should make up your room or decorate it in such a way that every night is the night.  The ambience of the room also develops the taste for making love.

5. You should specify   a specific time for having a sexual activity. It means you are making a commitment to have sex.

6. If you are in a mood to have sex and you know it could be a painful one & that to mostly happen when there is a vaginal dryness. So if vaginal dryness is an issue of not getting a good libido try using a silicone based sexual lubricant.


Suhagra is believed to increase the potency of human sexual activity for four to six hours.  The tablet must be taken at least 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse.   Scientist says a normal dose of 25 mg can bring in the desire force and energy to sustain the libido. So when we take a dose of 100 mg, it could be utilized as four different doses equally.

Some safety measures and side effects

There are some safety measures which are required In case the patient is allergic to Sildenafil or any other ingredients. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant discuss with your doctor. Suhagra is contraindicated in case you are using nitrate drugs for chest pain or heart problem.  Headache, flushing, heartburn and nasal stuffiness are some of the common side effects observed.