Insomnia is defined as incapability to fall asleep or stay asleep undisturbed or avail enough sleep for long hours which may make the men wake up relaxed, refreshed and enthused. Those get frequent wake-ups in the night and can’t stay asleep for long-term or those who wake up too early in morning usually suffers from excessive daytime drowsiness, lack of energy, poor concentration, sleepiness, irritation, short-temper, and exhaustion are some common after effects of sleepless night that makes your day suffer from uneasiness.

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Insomnia is always because of some reason either you may get sleepless due to stress or tension or may suffer because of disease like anxiety & depression. Insomnia may last in the patient either for short-term or may also annoy the person for long-term. Acute insomnia may turn your nights sleepless for day one or more but chronic insomnia may the last form a month to a year. There is more number of women in America suffering from insomnia than men because of dual responsibilities they had to deal.

Following a good exercise schedule, having a healthy diet and keeping safe from the overuse of gadgets before going to sleep are some healthy ways to prevent insomnia. Moving to healthy schedule in all of sudden is not possible henceforth developing a sound sleep-wake upcycle is also not possible! Till you retain back to your older healthy schedule you can take the assistance of Ambien medication.

Though FDA has recommended many medications for the patients so that they can sleep a sound sleep in the night but Ambien is still the most selling medicine. The pharmaceutical ingredient enclosed within the brand Ambien is Zolpidem and the onset time it takes to show a therapeutic effect in patient ranges from half an hour to 2 hours. Therapeutic category to which Ambien belongs is sedative and hypnotic.

Zolpidem shows its effect over the patient by potentially binding to the benzodiazepine agonistic sites over GABAA receptor located in CNS such as the cerebellum, substantia nigra, inferior colliculus, sensory-motor cortex, ventral thalamic complex, pons & globus pallidus. On binding, to the GABA receptor, the drug activates the influx of chloride ion channels through the neuronal membrane to cause Hyperpolarization, therefore, stops firing of the pain in that neuron.

The most recommended dosing strength of Ambien medication is 10mg and 12.5mg, the total duration for which the medicine exhibits its effect on the patient is 7-8 hours. Therefore it’s suggested to patients to gulp the medicine before 7-8 hours you won't wake up next day. Elderly & patients with hepatic insufficiency should be adjusted for dosing strength of 5mg.

Some adverse effects of taking Ambien pills includes are swelling offace& lips, short breathing, faster heart beatings, anxiety, aggression and dependence over medication. As caution user should follow these cautionary tips with Ambien:

  • Avoid the long-term use of medicine else it may develop dependence 
  • Sudden withdrawal of pills may cause severe anxiety and development of suicidal thoughts
  • Alcohol, drugs, and coffee to be avoided with this medicine

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