Our body experiences different types of pain depending on the cause, condition, and the site of pain. One of many types, musculoskeletal pain muscle pain is one of the kinds that involve pain associated with skeletal muscles. During such condition of pain, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, joints, or supporting body structures are involved. Any kind of sprain, injuries, or damage in such body tissues and structures result in skeletal muscle pain for which you need proper medical attention because if untreated, any kind of pain can aggravate with increase damage to the body. Hence, Soma is one of the best and most recommended medications used worldwide for the safe and effective treatment of musculoskeletal muscle pain with the blockage of pain transmission and thus help to ease the pain.

Soma for skeletal muscle pain

Soma description and its action mechanism:

Soma is a muscle relaxant moiety that helps to ease the pain associated with skeletal muscles. Soma medication is a popular brand made from generic Carisoprodol, which converts into its active metabolite called Meprobamate in order to get relieved from skeletal muscle pain. Combine Soma therapy with rest and some light physical exercises for fast relief and healing of injuries.

Soma is an effective muscle relaxant that blocks the transmission of pain between the brain and the nerves. Hence, Soma containing Carisoprodol does not work directly on the muscles but it acts on the nerve endings and thus aids in alleviating the pain during conditions of muscle spasm, tension, strain, sprain, injury, or any other muscle issue. Hence, Soma possesses sedative and anxiolytic actions in addition to muscle relaxant property.

The prescribing schedule of Soma:

Soma is marketed in the form of oral tablets available in Soma 500mg and 350mg dosage strengths. Soma medication is advised to be consumed orally with water and regardless of the food. The usual dosing regimen for an adult patient involves consumption of 350mg dose for 3 to 4 times daily or 500mg dose for 2-3 times daily as prescribed. The maximum limit of Soma dose that an adult patient can take in a day should not be more than 1400mg.The dosing regimen of Soma should not be changed else, overconsumption of Soma can result in drug dependency in the user and the abruptly stopping the use of it can lead to withdrawal symptoms. A patient taking Soma may notice few adverse effects of nausea, lightheadedness, headache, vomiting, hazy vision, skin rashes, or stomach upset.

Therefore, Soma regimen require some contraindications and safety precautions as following-

  • Soma is contrary to be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, in children, and elderly people.
  • A patient suffering from liver, heart, kidney, gastrointestinal, drug or alcohol abuse, or suicidal thought history, or blood-related medical ailments should not take Soma.
  • Taking Soma during oversensitivity to any constituent of this medication is conflicting.
  • Drinking alcohol when using Soma can worsen your condition with an aggravation of excessive dizziness and other side effects. Hence, this must be avoided.
  • Any change in mood, thinking ability, or behavior should be noticed in patients taking Soma.

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