To get pregnant and become a mother is a desire which every girl carries. In many women Pregnancy is an opportunity to grow individually.  So pregnancy could be considered as a god gift as it helps you grow mentally as well as physically.  Look at the feeling of ease and immense unconditional love which comes along with pregnancy but when such dreams are unplanned it leads to termination of pregnancy which is not planned consciously.

Anxiety and pregnancy

If the pregnancy is not followed to the right extent and leads to termination it calls in for an anxiety. Such tendency has been reported in every one out of every ten women. Obviously the reason could be both psychological as well as physical. The hormonal changes during pregnancy make a woman more anxious than her usual tendency.

  How can I calm down anxiety during pregnancy?

Calming down your anxiety during pregnancy could be challenge but could be easily achieved by following some daily activities which include.

1. You should go for deep breathing, exercises, yoga or even stretching exercise.

2. You should be going for regular exercises which include swimming or walking.

3. You should go to bed early as your baby is nourishing in your body and he needs good sleep.

 Most of the familiar reasons to get aborted

1. The most common reason for getting aborted includes

2. There could be some question in the professional arena as well as personnel issues.

3. Even economic condition has been a cause for terminating the pregnancy.  

4. If the pregnancy is going to happen because of rape.

 Post abortion Care

A Special care is required after the abortion process for at least two to three days.

  • If there is a severe cramping observed you could go for a pain killer.
  •  There is a condition when you feel feverish after the abortion. So in such a condition try using the antipyretic medicines.
  • You should avoid excessive smoking, alcohol consumption and usage of any illicit drugs.

How Birth control pills works 

Mtp kit is birth control pills and is believed to work in two different steps. It gives a dual effect due to two active ingredients like Mifepristone and Mifeprostol. Firstly take a pill of mifepristone. This pill is to be taken with water. Mifepristone separates the placenta from the endometrium wall whereas the   Misoprostol causes uterine contraction. Due to uterine contraction the uterine contents passes out .  Though a painful event it marks the end of pregnancy.

How to take the pills

The first pill is taken when you are in your Physicians Clinic. The second pill is taken at home but there should be someone to support you both mentally and physically as there are symptoms of heavy bleeding and cramps. With the usage comes precaution before we start to resolute the unplanned pregnancy and it should be discussed with the doctor.

  • In case of pregnancy or you are planning to get pregnant stop using the abortion pills.
  • If you have some other medical conditions and you are using a list of prescription or non-prescription medication.
  • If you are allergic to any of the medication other than MTP kit let your doctor know about it.
  •  In case of mild to severe heart, liver or kidney problem, try to contact your doctor.


Buy Mtp Kit online when you are looking to end a unplanned baby which is in its initial stage of development.  Mtp Kit assures permanent termination n case of pregnancy which is  not more nine weeks old.