Erectile dysfunction is also known as male impotence, in this malady man instead of sexually excited wont to able to keep the erection long and hard enough for sexual session. Moreover this problem is a major cause of divorce.

The sufferer of with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) living a troubled, and devastating life, it may be due to unsatisfactory sexual life and which result waning of the nuptial bonding, low self confidence and embarrassing. The problem associated with this disease exacerbates by the society. But for the sake of the relationship and the family, man should handle it smartly.

Now the question comes why this problem occurs in some man? To get the answer to this question, first understand the physiology if an erection. when a man get sexually excited the nitric oxide is release which cause the dilation of the blood vessels which carry blood to and fro from the penile region, when the penile area get engorged with blood an erection occurs. The pathological reason behind the devastating disease is due to the abrupt supply of the blood into the penile region an erection does not occur, this can  occur due to a number of reasons like diabetes, atherosclerosis, Prostate Problem/Prostate Surgery, Neurological Diseases, Aging, Kidney Failure. In fact some man gets erotic disability in stress, depression condition.

To overcome the woe of such couple, Cenforce is an expert choice for those who want to embrace their sexual life irrespective of man’s age and medication condition. Cenforce is an oral drug containing Sildenafil citrate as an active drug. A single tablet of Cenforce has the potential to transit the man’s life form impotence to potency.


Sildenafil citrate acts on the root cause of the problem, it just inhibit the PDE 5,which is responsible for causing the metabolism of cGMP which crucially required for causing dilation and contraction of the smooth muscle of penile region and augments the blood supply and bring long lasting erection. Buy Cenforce 200mg to have embraced sexual life.


Instructions to be followed while taking Cenforce

Always take this medicine as prescribed, don’t take it more than the prescribed dose. According to the patient condition Cenforce is available under the strength of 50mg,100mg ,150mg and 200mg.Cenforce is taken only when needed, it is recommended to consume this drug 30 minutes to 1 hour prior of getting involved into the sexual intimation. To get the benefits of this drug, it is best to take this drug after 2-3 hours of diet or with a low fat diet. The rich fat diet delays the availability of this drug in the body. Keep this medicine at room temperature away from contact with moisture and heat. So don’t be get distressed anymore, Cenforce is a remedy which has the potential to take off all your bedroom woe.

The frequent side effects of Cenforce include  nausea or dizziness, or tingling in your neck, arms, chest, or jaw, sudden vision loss, uneven heartbeat, or have numbness or pain, muscle pain, back pain, stomach upset. Take medical advice in case of prolonged or painful erection longer than 4 hours or sudden hearing loss.



  • The concomitant intake of Cenforce with nitrate based drug isosorbide dinitrate, nitroglycerin and isosorbide mononitrate is strictly restricted as it results in the severe and drastic drop in blood pressure.
  • This drug never prescribed for an individual suffering from liver or kidney disorder, heart disease, and a history of stroke.
  • This drug may decline the supply of the blood to the optic nerve and damage your eye, so always take this drug with care.
  • This tablet is not al all for female or adolescent under the 18 years of age.
  • In case you have any kind of allergy or hypersensitivity should not take this drug.
  • In case you haven’t got the desired result of this drug, don’t take another tablet. It may result in the severe health complication like blurred vision, hearing loss, heart beat abnormality, chest pain.


To overcome the erection issue in few minutes Cenforce 200mg is a reliable and trustworthy solution. Buy Cenforce from the reliable online site to ake your sexual life excited and thrilling