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Cenforce 200mg is a tablet that contains Sildenafil citrate, the vulnerable state of Erection disorder suffered by men. This erection disorder is also known as impotency which is characterized by the decreased erection or complete loss of erection that makes the patient unable to go for intercourse confidently. Take Cenforce once in a day before the blossom sessions and make your partner rejoice over you. Buy Cenforce 200mg online, which is directly delivered at your doorsteps only by a single click, and beat your erection problem easily.

Cenforce 200mg treats the ED efficiently with high potencies of Sildenafil citrate that helps the male by the enriched supply of blood to his genitals and gets boosted confidence of making her fantasized by just single pill. A simple one tablet can help you out to overcome your performance anxiety so just buy Cenforce 200mg online and magnetize her.

Mechanism of action of Cenforce tablet which acts as anti PDE-5 enzyme that inhibits the PDE-5 to act on cGMP that causes the blood flow in the blood vessels and smooth muscles by relaxation and dilation. This cGMP is degraded by the PDE-5 enzyme. So PDE-5 is stopped by Sildenafil citrate. As a result of this genital get an enormous blood supply than normal, which helps them to get the full erection while the sensual activity. Buy Cenforce 200mg tablet generic Sildenafil at effective cost from the online pharmacy.

The dossier system of Cenforce tablet:
Tablet can be taken once in a day about 30 minutes before the sexual session. One should take the tablet empty stomach. Take tablet Cenforce with plain water, swallow the whole tablet at once and for all without chewing the tablet.

With the help of Cenforce 200mg which is also known as Generic Sildenafil Citrate 200 mg, beat your erection problems easily.

Things to take care while having the Cenforce tablet. A Cenforce should always be administered empty stomach with plain water. Avoid taking it with juice or milk. A Cenforce should be avoided with Poppers and other aphrodisiac drugs. Patient under medication for liver or renal dysfunction should take the medicine with caution. Never repeat the dose to get double result; it may lead to serious overdose results.

A Patient should be refrained from administration of Cenforce if he has any past 3 months of heart stroke or medication on hypertension.  If patient has any hereditary retinal disorder that may cause visual disorder should never take this medicine. Men under 18 are restricted and women are not the candidate for Cenforce tablet. The Patient should not take any grape juice as it may lead to hypotension. Patient on PAH drug (Revatio) should never take Cenforce as it contains Sildenafil and may lead to overdose. A Patient should not take any other ED drugs along, which may lead to poisoning.

Cenforce has some following drug interactions. The drug should not be taken along alcoholic drinks and other blood pressure drugs. Patient under medication of cardiac therapy or angina pain management should not take the medicine. Medicine efficacy is affected if taken along with grape juice. A Drug like alpha blockers and anti depressants has a very bad effect on the body. Anti fungal and antibiotic should be avoided to take along Sildenafil citrate. Antihistaminic Cimetidine, amyl nitrates should be prevented along the Cenforce tablet.

Some side effects can be noticed after the intake of drug Cenforce as it increases the heart rate it brings mild headache and fever along body pain. It has moderate to general side effects which depends on individuals. Some may suffer blue vision or blurred vision to light sensitivity this may cause inability to drive or loose perception power for a certain time period. So meanwhile you suffer the side effect driving should be avoided.

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