Due to its safe, effective and reliable outcomes, almost all females are taking Dianette to prevent their pregnancy. This medicine gains lots of appreciation and thanks from the female due to its potency and efficiency. For getting best and effective outcomes, you should get the complete course of this therapy and consume on a daily basis without any break.  

If you want to enjoy your sensual moments with full romance, love and enthusiasm, if you are little bit worried about chances of getting pregnant. Then get a single tablet of Dianette and enjoy your sensual moments without any tensions of pregnancy. It is a safe, effective and well medicine and widely used by the females for contraception.

There are many things, which are to be kept in mind while selecting a birth control method, which is best and suitable for your needs.

There are many things, which are to be kept in mind while selecting a birth control method, which is best and suitable for your needs.

Various kinds of birth control methods-

  • Emergency contraceptive pill
  • Hormonal methods like injection, vaginal rings and orally administered pill
  • Intrauterine devices
  • Barrier methods like female and male condom, diaphragm

Working of Dianette- 

Dinette is one of the popular orally administered medications used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Apart from pregnancy prevention, it is indicated to treat excessive hair growth on face, body, and moderate to severe pimples, which can't be treated with the help of Antibiotics.

Dianette contains generic Cyproterone acetate, which has an anti androgen effect, and useful in the healing of acne, excessive hair growth in female. The other active constituent Ethinyl estradiol works as contraception by preventing process of ovulation.  

Avoid the consumption of Dinette in certain below mentioned condition-  

  • In case of pregnancy or breast feeding
  • Hypersensitivity towards generic Cyproterone
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding and jaundice
  • In case of abnormal red blood cell, breast cancer or liver tumors
  • Girls under the age of 17 years

Dosing schedule of Dianette-  

Silver strip of Dianette contains total 21 active tablets. Each pill contains 2 mg of Cyproterone acetate and 35 micrograms of Ethinyl estradiol.

For contraception- You should start the consumption of this medicine from the first day of the menstrual cycle. You just consume a single tablet of Dinette by the mouth at the same time on a regular basis to avoid pregnancy. In case of skipped dose in the first week, get it as soon as you memorize it.

While consuming Dinettes medicines, you face several adverse effects like weight changes, vaginal thrush, Changes in your menstrual cycle (lighter periods or end of periods), Depression and low sex drive.

 Safety tips should be strictly followed while taking Dianette-

  • While taking Dinette an individual should not consume any other birth control medicine.
  • For healing of severe acne, don't get this drug for more than 3 months.
  • In case of vomiting just after taking this pill, take another pill as soon as possible.
  • Dianette medicine doesn't give any protection against the sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea, HIV or AIDS.
  • Quit smoking while using this therapy.
  • This pill is only for female, not for males.

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