The Ovral G is an effective oral combined - contraceptive medication, which is widely used by most of the females. Ovral G is prepared by combining two synthetic compounds. These synthetic compounds inhibit the activity of natural hormones, which are essential for pregnancy like estrogen and progesterone. Ovral G is mini pill that contains 50mcg Norgestrel and 30mcg, Ethinyl estradiol the most favored drug amongst women for women related problem. The drug is used as birth control pill the drug contains a synthetic progestin hormone that are used as the oral contraceptive pill. The medicine is also indicated in various anomalies like Endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstrual and uterine bleeding the drug is also used in case of hirsutism and acne disorder in patient having high levels of androgen. Ovral is present in packing oral tablet formulation containing tablets each having equal proportions of active drug. Buy Ovral G online and get your drug online at your door step.

The Ovral G is an effective oral combined - contraceptive medication, which is widely used by most of the females. Buy Now!!!

Contraception is the technique of family planning one can use various measures for prevention of pregnancy:

  • Physical barrier measures like Condom, contraceptive sponges and cervical caps that prevent the entering of sperm.
  • Surgical approach like: tubal ligation, IUD and copper T.
  • Emergency contraceptive pill: some pills can be taken after unprotected physical intercourse or failure of birth controlling measures.
  • Hormone methods: the most efficient measure to control birth via the help of patch, pill, injection or hormone therapy

Ovral G is made by two synthetic compounds containing following drug: Norgestrel is nothing but synthetic progestin that avoids pregnancy by changing the physiological condition in the endometrial lining and cervical mucus which turns impossible for sperm to mate with egg (Fertilization). The drug Norgestrel also avoid ovulation, thus one does not release the egg, hence deprives the chances of pregnancy. Ovral contains 0.5 mg of Norgestrel.

Ethinyl estradiol is semi synthetic estrogen the drug will stop the ovulation in the women, which will not let the egg to release hence no chances of getting pregnant. The drug contains 0.03 mg drug.

 Pills should not use by any females, who is suffering from breast, uterus and liver tumors and severe disorders of blood. These pills are also contraindicated in pregnant and lactating females or women planning pregnancy. These pills should be used with caution in depression, heart and lipid balance related disorders and if a female is more than 35 years of age, who smoke cigarettes.

Dossier for Ovral G which 21 tablets are medicated and other 7 tablets are non-medicated and called as reminder pills. These pills are also available in pack of only 21 medicated tablets. A female should take one tablet at the same time, daily for 21 consecutive days. After these the female should take one reminder pill daily for 7 consecutive days. On 8th day she should start a new pack. A female should not miss the pill of this medication, if by chance she missed a pill then she should use a backup method of contraception and should contact with her doctor.

The Drug may have some side effect like nausea and bring gastric disturbance, the drug is hormone pill, it will change weight, bring edema or mood swings.

Things to take care while taking the tablet

One should avoid or quit smoking while using this medication as it leads to adverse effects that may be fatal. This medication should be consumed with caution in females above 35 years of age.

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