Dinette is one of the most extensively used contraceptive pills. It is embraced two synthetic hormone estrogens and progesterone.The female hormone estrogen and progesterone play a significant role in controlling fertility. It is also used in the treatment of acne and hirsutism.

 What is contraception and its methods?

Simply contraception is defined as the method or devices opt to prevent pregnancy. It is also termed as birth control or fertility control.At present there are a number of contraception methods. The basic working of all the contraception is almost the same that it stops the fusion of sperm with mature egg.

The choice of right contraception depends on user wish. Some females are comfortable with vaginal ring, whereas some are comfortable with daily pills. The oral contraceptive pills are of two types

Combined contraceptive pills: It contains a blend of two active hormonal drug progesterone and estrogen. According to the survey less than 1 woman in 100 gets pregnant. The failure rate of this drug is less than 1%.

Progestin only pill: It is also known as mini pill, as it contains progestin only. It offers an advantage to the female who ever had any kind of allergy to estrogen or the female who are nursing mother. The success rate of progestin only pill is 99% if taken correctly.

One of most effective oral contraceptive pill is Diantte.

Know about the basic of Diantte

Dinette is a unique formulation contains the synthetic analogue progesterone and estrogen. The Dinette pill acts by

  • Blocking the ovulation or released of matured egg
  • Making sperm unsuitable to reach the egg by changing the consistency of uterus mucous.
  • It prevents the attachment of the fertilized egg to the uterus lining

The correct dosage and administration of any contraceptive pill is very important. The efficacy of any contraceptive pill is more if taken regularly as prescribed without missing a dose.Buy cheap Diantte online and control the fertility effectively.

A single pack of Diantte total contains 21 tablets containing the same hormone in it.The Female who want to prevent pregnancy just need to take 21 active pills orally per day at the same time with or without food, with a gap of one week. In that break, women get the normal menstrual cycle as the level of the hormone gets lower in the blood. So, don’t wait any more utilize the benefits of Dianette online to avoid pregnancy. The missing a single dose of Diantte has a significance impact on its efficacy, so in case of missing a single dose, take it if it is not more than 12 hours.In case of missing dose, follow the dosage regimen properly as missing a single dose increase the chance of getting pregnant. 

One pill missed: take the missed as soon as you come to know about it. In the case it is the time for the next dose then take the two pills at the same time and take the rest of pill as prescribed.You can Buy Cyproterone drugs online and get it delivered at your doorway to save your time.

Diantte may cause some Frequent side effect associated with this drug includes Headaches, increased sex drive, hypertension, breast pain, upset stomach, depressed mood changes in menstrual bleeding, liver function disorders,nausea and vomiting, candidiasis,.


Female should not take Dianette if the BMI ratio more than 30 or age more than 50 years.

Don’t take it in case of pregnancy or breast feeding.

The females who are suffering from sickle cell anemia, blood clotting disorder, pulmonary embolism, and chronic migraine are constrained to take this drug. 


In case of taking Diantte tablet for acne and hirsutism, don’t use it this drug for more than 3-4 months. 

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