Crinone 8% gel

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  • Crinone 8% gel

Crinone-Susten Gel-Progesterone Gel

Generic: Susten Gel-Progesterone Gel

Manufacturer: RSM/Dhadha

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A general overlook of Crinone 8% gel:

The Crinone gel is advised to women who were trying to conceive but they are extremely tensed due to their failure may use this medicine and become a mother. The Crinone gel is a synthetic version of naturally producing Progesterone in women’s body that is present in branded medicine Crinone gel. Generally, progesterone is very important for a female’s body especially when she wanted to be a mother, so this medicine aims to fulfill the deficiency and give a chance to be a mother by defeating her infertility issue. The other use of Crinone gel is to normalize the menstrual cycles when their cycles have ceased up.

The way of working of Crinone 8% gel:

As told earlier, Progesterone is important for normal working of the female reproductive system. This medicine gets attached to the progesterone and estrogen receptors in the woman’s body especially in the mammary gland, female reproductive tract, pituitary, and the hypothalamus. After binding it reduced the discharge of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) by the hypothalamus and causes the pre-ovulatory LH (luteinizing hormone) surge. It also enhances the endometrial receptivity for the implantation of embryo causing stimulation of the growth of mammary tissues and relaxing of smooth muscles. In this way, it finally ends up the infertility problem.

The right dosing proposal of Crinone 8% gel:

The Crinone gel is intended for vaginal application only. It is advised to wash the vaginal part cleanly before using this medicine. Then take this medicinal gel preparation on applicatory ad insert it into the vaginal part. The gel will cover the reproductive part properly and causes a protracted discharge of the active hormone, progesterone into the organ where it gets dissolved into the bloodstream. Ask your doctor about the right dosing of this medicine. 

Undesirable effects of using Crinone 8% gel:

There are some negative effects of Crinone gel such as headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, seasickness, bloating, stomach contractions, breast pain or sensitivity, joint or muscle pain and lightheadedness.

Important precautionary advice while taking Crinone 8% gel:

  • The Crinone gel is not allowed to be used by a pregnant or breastfeeding woman unless it is recommended by the doctor.
  • In case of any sensitive reaction occurs after using Crinone it is best to talk to the doctor about it.

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