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Generic: Minoxidil


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Coverit (Minoxidil) is a useful drug that stimulates the hair growth and is frequently used for the treatment of male pattern baldness. Though, this drug actually not cures baldness but it works in a way to reduce the effect on receding hairlines. Medical science has shown that androgenic alopecia (male baldness) is the outcome of androgen imbalance in the body. The topical solution of Coverit is available in the market which may be used according to requirements. 

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What is the use of Coverit?

Coverit (Minoxidil solution) topical solution is a pharmaceutical product that is effective to treat male pattern baldness. The solution is also found effective in females for hair growth who are facing in women with thinning of hair.


How Coverit(Minoxidil) works?

Minoxidil is a topical solution that is to be applied on the scalp area. It encourages the hair growth by these ways:

  • limitation of the telogen phase of hair growth and causing premature entry of resting hair follicles into Anagen phase
  • extending the Anagen phase of hair growth and inducing the increase in the size of hair follicles.
  • improving the viability of hair follicles


What are the conditions in which this treatment should be avoided?

In the following health conditions, use of Minoxidil may not be fruitful if you:

  • are hypersensitive to its ingredients
  • have suffered or existing allergies
  • have infection/ cuts/ wounds/ injured scalp
  • have disease like eczema on scalp
  • have a cardiovascular disease
  • have asthma or any other COPD
  • are pregnant or planning to be pregnant
  • are breast feeding
  • are 18 years or below this age


How to use this solution?

The solution of Coverit should be used according to the instruction given on the package or as prescribed by your doctor. Use the recommended quantity of solution at the scalp area carefully. Generally, 1 ml or around 20 drops of Coverit (Minoxidil) lotion is recommended to be applied on the bald area two times in a day. However, dose may be adjusted further according to the condition and health of your scalp hair.


What is the right way to use this solution?

  • The Coverit lotion should be applied as per instructions of the prescriber. You can get the instructions of use on the instructional manual given along with the lotion.
  • Mostly, 1 ml of the lotion is recommended to be applied on the required scalp areas. For use, you can part hair into parts and gently use the solution on the scalp.
  • The solution can affect your health if it goes into your body. So, keep your eyes, ears, nose and mouth safe from the solution. Make a practice to wash your hands before and after using the Coverit solution.


When I should expect to see result from Coverit?

The Coverit lotion is recommended to be used as per your health care provider instructions. In most of the case the treatment last from four months to one year. However, Minoxidil treatment should not be discontinued abruptly as it can affect the growth of newly developed hair.


What may happen in case of overuse?

Overuse of the Coverit (Minoxidil) should not be done. Apply the recommended quantity only. The excessive use can make you feel uncomfortable and you may experience headache, redness and warmth on the affected area.

What may happen in case of missing a dose?

Using Coverit solution a regular time each day will help you remember applying it. In case you miss the dose, you can skip the missed dose and continue with your next schedule.


Are there any side effects of Coverit?

Coverit (Minoxidil) is an effective topical lotion to manage male pattern baldness and normally it doesn’t cause any side effect. In rare cases, some side effects might occur such as itching, redness on the skin, headache or irritation. If you developed an allergic reaction to any ingredient of this medication, consult your health care provider immediately. Symptoms that may occur in case of allergic reaction include:

  • breathing problems
  • dizziness and lightheadedness
  • swollen lips, face and tongue
  • irregular heartbeat
  • convulsions


What are the possible interactions of Coverit?

Drug interaction can occur and may affect the effectiveness of either of treatment. To avoid the possibilities of interaction, tell your doctor about all your current prescription at time of consultation.


What are the precautions associated with Coverit solution?


  • Use the lotion as per your prescription.
  • Check the expired date of this topical lotion at the time of purchase. Never use expiry product.
  • Store Coverit lotion at a moisture free place and keep it away from fire.
  • Pregnant females are not recommended to use this solution.
  • Use the topical lotion in the recommended quantity and for advised duration. 
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