eCheck Benefits

100% Secured Shopping Policy is What We Follow

More than 50, 000 valuable customers are associated with us and got benefited with our excellent facilities. Meds247online is US most trusted and secured online pharmacy.  Customers’ privacy policy protection is paramount for us and we religiously follow high standard of customer confidentiality norms.  As per our customers Meds247online is a hassle-free and a safe site for purchasing online medicines.

Unlike our contemporary online pharmacies, we provide unique multilayer security through MacAfee and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

MacAfee makes website hacking-proof. Meds247online website is constantly under surveillance to regulate and maintain highly secured payment making it one of the most secured online pharmacy in the world.  No data of the cardholder is disclosed or misused

Meds247online website follows high standards of data security. Protection of customer’s personal details is our chief objective. We ensure our checkout procedures are safe and fraud-proof. Meds247online has SSL for securing customers’ confidential data over internet.  SSL is a protocol for sending information securely over the Internet. Many websites use SSL protocol to secure areas of their sites with high security information, likeat user account pages and online checkout.

Pages utilizing this technology will have URLs that start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. Our Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, SSL, are cryptographic protocols makes online transactions safe for end users. Here at we ensure that our customer information is kept in a very secure and protected way and there is no possibility of a third party using that information. Regular upgrades in the security system also go a long way in preventing any new threats that may affect the privacy of customers.

Payments are done by 100% secured means: eChecks and western union. Western Union Money Transfer is valid for customers all around world. On selection of western union mode of money transfer our customer care executive will send you the receiver detail within 5mins of placing an order. eCheck is valid only for US Customers.

What are eCheck?          

eChecks are electronic  version of paper checks. They have the same legal framework as that of paper checks. eChecks consist of the relevant information that is generally present in all paper checks.  

How do eCheck Work?

Payment through eCheck is a simple and a secured procedure.

  • Firstly customer’s paper check is processed through an electronic scanner system
  • In eChecks payment mode information like Bank Name, Customer Name (as per bank records), Account Number (as per bank records), Telephone Number (as per bank records), Routing Number and Check Number have to be mentioned.
  • Kindly note following point while making payment through eChecks
  • Check number mentioned by customer during eChecks payment mode should be any imaginary 4 digits number (and memorise it). This 4 digit number should not be the original check number mentioned on the check.  
  • Customer's banking information like account details, check number and payment amount are then captured by virtual terminal with 24 hours. This customer’s informationis electronically transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank's ACH Network, which process the money transfer from customer's account and to our account.
  • By any chance if customer is not able to answer bank’s confirmation process or missed the process, he/she can contact his/her respective bank to continue the processing of the payment.     
  • After approval of payment from the customer ends (by generation of unique one time password), the virtual terminal provides payment receipt that has to be duly signed and kept by customer.
  • After completion of payment procedure, our customer care executive annulsand gives back the check to the customer.
  • So inbetween the complete procedure we don’t hold any personal details about our customer. 

What Are The Benefits of eCheck Payment Mode?

  • This mode provide a traditional option of money transfer through bank via internet
  • Limits frauds which are oftenly reported with use of credit cards
  • Generation of one time password makes it secured mode of payment
  • eChecks gives controlled access to customer’s information
  • Have traditional check facilities like stop payment and reconciliation