Estrace-Progynova- Estradiol 2mg

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Estrace-Progynova- Estradiol 2mg

Generic: Estradiol valerate 2mg


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Estrace is a medicine which is used as female sex hormone in the management of post-menopausal symptoms like hot flashes in the body, irritation, hot flashes and dryness of the vagina. This medicine works as the natural hormone estrogen. Pos-menopausal symptoms are developed due to the lack of estrogen hormone at the later age between 45-55 years. Estrace is the synthetic derivative of the hormone Estrogen and it is produced from the natural sources. This medicine not only used for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, but also very beneficial to manage osteoporosis, and breast cancer in females. It is also considered as a good remedy in ovarian failure where it is used as hormonal replacement therapy. 

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How does Estrace work?

Estrace get absorbed very fast by the cells of the body and bind with the cytoplasmic target cell receptor to become able to enter into the target cells. After entering into the target cells, it starts controlling the gene transcription. This will lead to the synthesis of the RNA messenger. This RNA messengers works with ribosomes and transcription factors. By doing so, they synthesise the specific proteins that shows the mechanisms of this medication on the other cells. So, the mechanisms of this medication are as follows:

  • This medication can lead to the growth of the endometrium lining.
  • It takes part in the developmental growth of the female sexual organ and also responsible for the female characteristics.
  • Since it exhibits the same properties of the natural hormone estrogen, it can be used for the development of female characteristics.
  • As estrace is the synthetic version of estrogen, it has the similar effect on the cells of the body.

What are indications of Estrace?

Estrace is used in the conditions, like:

  • Estrace is used to relieve the pre and post-menopausal symptoms.
  • It is used as a replacement therapy in ovarian failure.
  • It is helpful in the therapy of breast cancer.
  • This medication is also beneficial for the management of osteoporosis in post-menopausal stage.

What are the contraindications of Estrace?

This medication is contra-indicated in the following conditions:

  • In the patient of anaphylactic reaction.
  • If you have any previous or present history of breast cancer.
  • In the patient who is diagnosed with estrogen related neoplastic cancer.
  • If you have any liver disease like liver cirrhosis, liver damage etc.
  • If there is any abnormal vaginal bleeding due to any uterine problem.
  • In case of hepatic or renal disorder.
  • In cardio-vascular disease like myocardial infarction, heart failure, stroke or difficulty in breathing.

What are the drug interactions of Estrace?

You should always inform your doctor before initiating any dose of estrace. Since this medication has a potency to interact with other medication, so talk to your health care Provider if you are under any other drugs to avoid the unwanted complication.

  • Drugs used in thyroid problem such as thyroxine, Levothyroxine etc.
  • Drugs used in diabetes like oral anti-diabetic drugs or insulin.
  • Medications prescribed in epilepsy or convulsion like phenytoin, phenobarbitone etc.
  • Some anti-fungal drugs like itraconazole, ketoconazole etc.
  • Drugs used for depression like desiprazepine, doxepin etc.
  • Anti-tubercular medication such as Rifampin, thiocetazone etc.
  • Alcohol or alcoholic beverages.
  • Grape juice.

What are the side effects of Estrace?

To avoid the complications or side effects of this medication, you should always consult with your physician before taking a dose of this medication. However some of the side effects are mentioned below:

Serious side effects: Always contact your doctor if you catch the following side effects.

  • Pain in the arm and shoulder.
  • Chest pain or angina.
  • Shortness of breathing.
  • Weakness.
  • Excessive Sweating.
  • Headache/migraine.
  • Lack of mental alertness.
  • Eyesight problem.
  • Swelling of the face.

Emergency side effects: discontinue this medicine if you notice the following symptoms, such as:

  • Yellowish discolouration of the skin.
  • Tenderness of the breast.
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Weight gain.
  • Bone pain like pain in the legs.
  • Light headedness.
  • Drowsiness.

How should you store the Estrace?

You should use this medication below the temperature of 30 degree C in moist free and dry place. Keep this medication out of the reach of children and pets.

How should you use this medication?

Do not take this medication without prescription of your doctor. Before starting the dose of this medication, consult with your doctor. Read the leaflet carefully before taking the dose of this medication. Most of the time, your doctor prescribe a progestine along with this medicine to reduce the chance of developing uterine cancer. So you should always maintain a regular health check-up in every 3-6 months during the course of this medication. You should stop taking this medication if any test or surgery requires to be done.

What should you do if you miss a dose?

If you think you have missed a dose, then take the missed dose when you remember about it. But you should skip the missed dose, if you recall it near the time of next dose.

What are the dosages of Extrace?

  • Dosage to treat vaginal and vulval atropy associated to menopause:
    • 1-2 mg, daily for 3 weeks, which is followed by off of 1 week.
    • Dosage to treat the symptoms associated with menopause:
      • 0.3 mg/day
      • Dosage for osteoporosis:
        • 0.3 mg/day
        • Dosage for ovarian failure: 1 -2 mg, daily for three weeks which is followed by off of 1 week.
        • Dosage for breast cancer: 10 mg, three times in a day, for 3 months.
        • Dosage for uterine bleeding: 25 mg of IV or IM injection, 6-12 hourly.

What are the precautions while taking Estrace?

You should take some precautions during the course of any medication. Some of the precautions taken while using this medication are:

  • This medication should be avoided if you are suffering from some underlying diseases like cardiac disease, liver disease and renal disease.
  • Activities required mental alertness like driving, performing other activities like operating any medical surgery, swimming etc. because some time patient get drowsiness, dizziness and blurred vision.
  • Estrase should be avoided if you are experiencing any blood related disease, hypertension, asthma and other systemic diseases.
  • Long-term use should be avoided, because this can lead to ovarian cancer.